Subsidance and cracks in the outside area.

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The house was built 20008 and cracks began to appear in the patio paveing almost from the start . The crack is now so wide and the patio has dropped to a degree that the gate no longer latches . The space betwwen the gate and post is too wide . The pool area ,which is communal has also got the same cracking and subsidance . The pool tiles have also come off the pool steps . We have a condo/management company . Who is responsible for the repairs 1)the --2) The builder --3)Me. I have complained to the builder on several occasions but no joy there . If it is the responsability of the builder ,how do I go about making him do the repairs to my private patio and the communal area .


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Hi! It is simple! That is the builder´s responsibility in the 1st place. If you bought it through an estate agent you can also chase him and ask for the insurance that covers his responsibility in this sale process, that is another option for you to ask the Lawyer if none do what they suppose to do, fix it right and forever. I do not know what sort of management agreement you do have with the management company and it does not matter, repairs have to be paid by the builder and you have 2 situations now.

1st - Contact the builder and ask for it ( it must be done by writing 3 times, wait 2 weeks and send the 2nd warning, 2 weeks more and 3rd warning, then contact a Lawyer to send him an official letter, then he will respond the next day but if this goes to court the judge will take your 3 letters in consideration and the builder is doomed ).

2nd - Call a service company to give you a quote for repair, send a copy to the builder with your 1st letter, proceed as in the 1st option.

You have to do it now while you are within the guarantee period.

I am sorry for this reality, unfortunately this builder is the people who put bad name in all Portuguese people ( when a job is done properly it will last for many years, seem it was not done that way ), but we have many great people here, I am here trying to help you and bring justice to you.

Keep me posted and I will help you the best way I can.

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