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Peter Miles



I have been trying to assess the total cost of house purchase in the Algarve, based on published info, for the following costs of a property valued at E400 K :- (Excluding Removal costs & actual House value) i.e. Legal/IMT/Stamp Duty/Notary fees/IMI etc and have read that VAT may be due on some aspects of the transaction, can anyone enlighten me on this point. Is it due on Lawyers fees, or even on the house value? The total costs so far equate to about 10-11% of the house value does this sound about right ? peter milesPeter


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You may find some useful info on this AI page

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Thanks Will, I derived most of my calculations from this page, but need to know if VAT is due on lawyers, and Notary fees, or on any other costs?

Also on a E400K house value, the oncosts amounted to about 10-11% i.e

around E40K to E45K which seems a lot higher than in UK. Does this sound about right ?


peter miles


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