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hi we want to make a will in portugal can anyone recomend a person /company who provide this servicehow much does it cost we are in vilamoura. tks


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You have to be careful, my husband and I have made out International wills because Portugal does not recognise UK wills, and Portugese wills give rights to things you may not agree with, ie:the children of prevous marriages can claim inheritance over the existing widow even if they are English and not Portuguese, the cost is around €700.

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If you have anything of value in Portugal you should have a Portuguese Will because as previous replier says - Portugal does not recognise Foreign Wills. Portuguese Wills are quite expensive and can cost near to €1000 so shop around.

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To make a will in Portugal you need a notary.
A notary in Vilamoura:

Cartório Notarial em Vilamoura
Loulé - Quarteira
Avenida Tivoli Edifício Europa-lj 11,
8125-410 Vilamoura

Tel. 289 314 207

I don't know about costs.

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if any one wants some help with this, e mail. thank you ,, shopping around is the key.

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Hi, We have recently made enquiries about making a
will. The cheapest quote so far is around 700 euros for the two of us. This is
with a Lawyer we have known for 20 years. He quoted us 150 each for the
translation and the visit to the notary with two witnesses and he said the notary
fees would be around 200 Euros each which we pay them direct. I didn't think
this was bad as we had a quote from Finescos for 1200-1500 Eros.

Hop this
helps, if you want the name of this Lawyer he is in Loulé, Dr Carlos Romba. He does speak

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