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Hi there, Hopefully somebody out there is either self employed or an accountant. I am really struggling to understand social security contributions for the self employed. It looks to me as though there is a choice depending on what benefits you want, i.e. compulsory at approx 25.4% or extended at 32%. But 25.4% or 32% of what? Surely this can't be of your earned income. I am moving to the Algarve at Easter and my job will be set up as self employed under "contract for services". Basically I will be looking after clients for a company, no outlay for equipment etc with a basic "draw" per month. So lets say I earn 60,000 euros spread evenly throught the year, which is 5,000 euros per month, gross, are they saying it will be 25.4% or 32% of that each month, on top of personal income tax?

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Hi,We are planning a move to Portugal and I'm looking for a recommendation for a good English speaking lawyer/accountant who can advise on the best way to set up our business. Has anyone any suggestions?Thanks!Sam

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I am looking for a good English/Portuguese Accountant in the Caldas da Rainha area

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Hi, can someone recommend a good and professional firm for obtaining residency and other legal matters in Faro/Tavira area? Directory is massive and i would rather someone with good word of mouth recommendations. Many thanks

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Does anyone know of a "No Win No Fee" Lawyer in the Algarve? My husband has recently been hurt in a car accident that wasn't his fault and we want to take it further? Can be Portuguese as my husband is Portuguese. Hope someone can help?

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Please can some answer me. I have tax invoices from my property management company for services provided during the past tax year.I have now been told by a friend that here in Portugal the law stipulates that I should have a tax receipts as well as the tax invoice. I did not ask for a receipt as I was issued a tax invoice after payment was made to my supplier. Is this actually true?

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Hi, Does anybody know if there is an English language instruction on how to fill in income tax online in Portugal. I have a rental property in Algarve and need to submit income and allowances (nothing else). Thanks,

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Hi . My house is 3 years old and has a leaking roof since November . The builder sent workers twice to fix it ,but it still leaks . Where do I stand legally . Is the builder obliged to fix it . The Insurance guy said it was not their problem and would not compensate for loss of rental ,clean up each time it rains and redecoration when it is safe to do it . What (if anything ) can I claim from the builder and how can I force him to fix it .Thanks Veronica.

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Hi Can someone tell me when I can do my tax return? I know it is soon,but when can I start? Thanks Christine

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The Anglo Info information section states: 'It is advisable to pay the deposit cheque to the agent, lawyer or broker representing you, and not the vendor. The deposit is held by the agent until completion.'Afpop state that 'The deposit (usually a covered cheque) should go to the owner, which name is mentioned in the contract, unless otherwise is agreed prior to the signing.'So it seems that unless there is provision in the compra e venda contract, the seller should get the cheque.Anyone know what's what here?

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Is there anyone out there that can advise me on where to get legal help? English speaking. This is a very urgent request. I have no money,so free legal advice is needed. Thank you.

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Hi, Can anyone please inform me where the Tax office is in Tavira, for obtaining NIF. Also what documentation I need. Many thanks, Anthony

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Apparently there is a law stating that any property owner not living in Portugal needs to have a fiscal representative. Questions: Is this for new owners only? When did this law getr into force? Are long lasting owners exempt? What is this reperesentation for? What if you do not "take"a fiscal representative? Where/when does one register such a representative once you have one? Are private persons personally liable for any obligation of the person the represent fiscally? Is the fee for the represention taxable income for the representative? Would just filling in a form Mod.21-RFI not cover (possibly)part of the representation? Anyone to refer me to an English summary/expalnation of the law? Thanks!

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hello does anyone know a place close to almancil that gives a good exchange rate on euros to pound. Thanks in advance

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hi, there Does anyone know the bank branch in portugal which is offering reliable service??? I have opened the bank account here 5 months ago, with BPI since then had always problem with my cards, payment did not accepted. declined, not enough balance, ( not treue))etc. Most of the online transactions not going trough and bank guy is telling me its my problem as i am doing some mistakes. I am getting so annoyed with two piece of plastic ,i cant use most of times. I am thinking to move to another bank-- Deutche bank?? is it any better?? Please advice if you experienced any similar issues?? Do you know any bank which can get me a normally working card i can use online without worries, or travel to Europe without being stucked at the airport???? Agata

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Hi, I am thinking of starting up a new business in the Algarve, I am an experienced European Mechanic with bodywork and spray painting skills! I would appreciate some feedback to find out if this is a needed service and also if anyone knows anything about Municipal Grants or Loans which assist new business start ups?I am seeking any advice or suggestions with the following? Seeking Premises to work from either to rent or buy a yard or un used ground with a shed/building to work from. Paying income tax, How much of my earnings do I need to pay and any other costs etc? Do you thik this would be a needed service?All feedback is appreciated!Paul

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in reality is there any chance of letting a property quickly, I have to go away for 6 mths and was thinking ofg doing this, is it worth it with all the paper work etc. also

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I need to know what SAFt compliant means. I have been told that all accounting software used here in Portugal has to be saf T compliant. Help!

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Does anyone know of a reliable English speaking Accountant in the Tavira area please?

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I'd like to verify ownership of a property but only have the address. Would anyone know if it's possible do verify online? I went to the Casapronta website but still not clear to me.Thanks,

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