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A word of warning. It is almost 3 years since my wife and I purchased property on the Algarve on probably the most exclusive resort. BANK ACCOUNT, MORTGAGE, CREDIT CARD,ALL SORTED THROUGH PORTUGUESE BANK. Conveyancing through highly recommended lawyer. However recently we noticed a 1750 euro debit to our account which when we enquired was taken direct from our account by the courts( allowable by law) for non payment of an email/mobile account in 2009, at an address we have no knowledge of in Lagos, many miles from our property.The phone company apparently accepted a photocopy passport and photocopy fiscal registration cert. as id,( where they aquired these is particularly worrying, as this information was only held by official or legal bodies at our time of purchase). The a/c ran for a number of months before the phone company issued thru the court with extra costs an order for payment. We have no knowledge of any such deal and indeed were not in the algarve on the signature date! We are now going thru a lengthy and costly procedure to have this reversed. The banks cannot refuse payment to the court if an order is made and they are not allowed to inform the account holder till it has been processed. So please take care and if anyone has experieced similar let us know.

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Hi Can anyone recommend a good portuguese credit card? Thanks

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Hello, Can anyone tell me where there is a Notary in Portimao or Alvor. Thanks Ann

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Hi can anyone tell me the law regarding what happens to the house after death in the family I.e.I was talking to a neighbour and understood that she has put her house in her name because they have both been married before and if it was in joint names if he died his half would go to his kids from previous marriage is this true . If so we are in a similar situation but our kids are in England and not got Portuguese residency would this still apply or would the house go to the other partner

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We have some land near Barão de São João and we know that we cannot build so we have been looking for a caravan, however, we keep seeing adverts with 'Caravan for sale no papers' is it a legal requirement in Portugal to have papers of ownership, or is it just to say they cannot prove the caravan has not been stolen? Help to clarify would be appreciated.

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Hi, does any one have any idea how i can obtain a licence /licences to run a beach operation (Jet Ski. Mobile Snacks etc etc)

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anyone any info on bank repossesing property just got papers dont understand owe 150k and valued at 275k 5 years ago can they sell for any price

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I purchased DVDs from HMV on the Internet Customs have charged me 17.74 to collect my parcel from the Post Office, [12.66 IVA ] I paid VAT so do not understand why I have had to pay this on top of the £50 I paid for dvds. Is this correct?

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Hope someone is out there to give me some advice, We live in portugal and have landed a good job in spain. My question is do i pay tax in portugal or spain or both?? We are self-employed.

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could anyone advise me on the legal requirements of setting up a security company in portugal, i have worked in the industry for 27 years in the uk.

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I am looking for a good English-speaking accountant in the Lagos area to help set up an accounting system and processes for a new company. Does anybody out there have any recommendations? Thanks, MJ

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Has anyone been requested by Financas to provide evidence that the tax credit available on dividends paid by UK companies has actually been paid in the UK? I have been requested to supply such proof but cannot find anybody (including staff at Financas and local accountants) who can tell me what is acceptable. I did get a letter from HMRC stating that the dividends paid by the company concerned were deemed to have suffered a notional tax credit of 10% but Financas will not accept this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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hi can anyone advise .i just got a e.mail from our fiscal rep .saying council tax 244. eurosfees 300,eurostotal 544,is this a normal amount for a small studio appartment, can i pay myself without fiscal rep.please advise . tks ray

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Does anyone have anyinformation about what is needed for Customs ie: which papers, for bringing in a shipment of personal belongs from the USA to Lisbon?

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Is there some kind of law here to stop, or theoretically stop, noisy neighbours from beign noisy late at night?My new neighbours are a pain in the rear, and I want them to shut up.

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I'm trying to sort out my tax return, but my Portuguese isn't that good.Are there any websites that give advice, in English, on how to fill it out?Or is there anyone out there who can help me?

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good accountant near Olhao. Many thanks.

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Did you know that there is a Capital Allowance for property owners who rent out UK/Portuguese property and are UK tax payers?Gerard

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Hi I have just bought a property in Albuferia and need a Fiscal representative can any one offer a recommendation as to a company who can do this at a reasonable cost, I understand the legal requirements but some of the figures i have come across are just taking advantage of a situation, Any recomendations would be helpful and if you can offer contact info as well that would be brilliant.thankyou.

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Does anyone know if legal aid is available here. ? Fran francespetrie@yahoo.co.uk

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