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resident now in algarve, early retired with small private pension and living off savings, is it required to be registered in the portuguese income tax system

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Hi everyone - I'm looking for a word-of-mouth recommendation for an English-speaking lawyer preferably based western Algarve (Lagos/Luz/Vila do Bispo). My mum's living in the Algarve full-tiume and I'd like to find a good, reliable man or woman to watch her affairs while she's over there. Is there anyone here who might recommend someone? I've checked the listings on Angloinfo, which are very full, but also looking for human recommendation.Many thanks.

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Hi to anyone out there.. I have owned an apt in albufeira for nearly 3yrs now but have noticed how high this year the local taxes has risen, and this year adding the first payments in April and then again this September have now paid a total of 700euro ( over double from the previous year ) and this is for a 1 bedroom apt with garage? I think by any standard even the UK this seems very high...anyone having the same experience this year?.....any thoughts anyone????

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Friday we are at the notary for final deed. Money transferring to lawyer tomorrow. I presumed we would get the keys to the property on Friday but the Vendor has just informed me he will not be moving until the following week. Before I phone lawyer tomorrow does anyone know how it works here?

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Is it illegal to change a window which has grooves to avoid transparency to the outside.We have a window which could offer a wonderful sea view but am unsure if it would violate the neighbors right to privacy considering the balcony ends one foot from where my window begins.Any advise?Mamacats

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Where can I find the SWIFT code I need to transfer money from a Portuguese to an English bank account?

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Hi there Have had approx quote for an agency arranging a letting license for me which was between 450 and 900 euros. Has anyone already been through this process yet? Did you pay this much, or perhaps you did it for yourself? Any information gratefully received.

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I bought a property 3 years ago and was told by my lawyer that it was a legal requirement to have a fiscal representative. Mine is PORTUTAX in Loule. The only action they take on my behalf is to pay my annual council tax. For this they charge an annual fee of 354 euros. Is it a legal requirement to have a fiscal representative? If so can I move to another one? Any cheaper than 354 euros? Why can't I pay my own bill and dispense with Portutax? Mac

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cane anyone tell me how do you pay your property tax each year , bank postoffice. tks ray

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Hi I am trying to find out more about Portugese contract law and more specifically the laws on Overtime. Is there anywhere i can find this information without paying a lawyer? Thanks

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In the case of a 5 year house rental contract when that contract has expired and the tenancy continues without a new contract what is the legal liability of the fiador on the original contract?

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What's the deal with bringing English cars over here? Do I need to register it with anyone?

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I'm looking to make a bit of extra money. Nothing massive, just maybe €100-€200 a month. Any ideas what I could do?

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my wife and I are Portuguese non residents making UK wills, my wife owns a property on the Algarve and we have been trying to get impartial accurate advice about Portuguese inheritance Law. A Portuguese Lawer offered to make a will on our behalf but was not clear about wether it was necessary. An English Solicitor has advised that we should have a Portuguese will linked to an English one but we're not sure about that advice. I have found an article at globalpropertyguide.com that states: "The main laws regulating inheritance are the Portuguese Civil Code, fifth book (articles 2024 to 2334) and book one (articles 62 to 65). The inheritance process in Portugal is generally governed by the laws of the deceased’s nationality, thereby avoiding potential conflicts of law; however, if spouses have different nationalities, Portuguese law determines that the national law of the country where they both usually reside is applicable. In the absence of a usual place of residence, Portuguese law provides that the applicable law is that of the country where both spouses have a close family connection." Does anyone know how we can find a definitive answer? we do not wan't two wills, if only one is necessary and are concerned that having two wills may lead to complications. Thanks in anticipation.

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Is it possible for a husband and wife to purchase property in Portugal with differing proportions of equity viz., 60% /40%?

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If I sign a copy of something, am I legally entitled to a copy of it? I have signed some things at work and my employer won't let me have copies, for no apparent reason.

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is there any sort of system here like the one in frnace were you get paid by special check so tax etc. is paid

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Can anyone help! We bought an apartment nearly 6 months ago. It was the agents own apartment. He wanted to stay for a few months after the completion as a tenant but we declined . After completion he just would not move out for 10 days and when we gained access he had completley trashed the apartment, no lights,switches, plugs etc. bare wires everywhere. wrecked the water heater and WC and booby trapped the cooker with oil .Removed all the fitted kitchen and damaged all the doors and tiles. Tried to report him to the INCI but nobody speaks English My lawyer who knows this agent has been dragging his heels and the time limit is almost up. Any advice Please

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I may have to do this, hope not but like to be prepared. Has anyone here been through this, is it pretty difficult and my language skills are not that hot so how would that work?

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We purchased a cottage in the loule village of Quererca only 12 months ago. Very disturbed today to receive news of proposals by LOULE council posted on 20th APRIL 2009 to secure land from existing owners and CPO it for development use.The plans are on view at Loule concehlo and make disturbing reading for all who have or who wish to have property in the Algarve.A public meeting is coming up i think on the 20th MAY so any advice on the proposals, their effects, and how we should proceed are going to be paramount.If this affects YOU act get advice attend the meeting and post your views for us to share.Your comments too.View the proposals online too at Loule Concehlo/querenca.Its all in Portuguese too.HELP|||| Tony e mail tony @ tonyowst.karoo.co.uk.

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