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What exaclty are green receipts? I keep hearing talk of them.

started by: Emma-742866 · last update: 1241111141 · posted: 1241103101

Can anyone reccommend a company for Buildings and contents insurance please.

started by: Mervyn-745223 · last update: 1239830536 · posted: 1239803738

Any predictions on which way the exchage rate is going to go? Should I be sending Euros back to England now, or should I wait?

started by: sleepy-742571 · last update: 1239799891 · posted: 1239780651

Is it illegal to work with food unless you have a hygiene certificate here? How can I go about getting one and how much does it cost?

started by: DP-746008 · last update: 1239618473 · posted: 1239019558

Hello, I have a 3 year old and would like to open a savings account, one that he cant accss untill 21 (ish). Does anyone know of any good ones? Dawn

started by: Kiwi-743648 · last update: 1239125560 · posted: 1238237904

Can anyone recommend an excellent English speaking Property Lawyer in the Algarve? I know there are a number advertised on this site but I would like a recommendation for someone who will get things moving fast and completed on time. Thanks in advance.

started by: blueflorrie-746256 · last update: 1238801258 · posted: 1238762074

I am thinking of relocating to the Algarve and working. I have been told that I need all sorts of documents before I can be offered a job, which include a NEF, Social Security Number etc. Does anyone know how hard these things are to get and what costs are involved. Any info would be much appreciated

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We are in the process of purchasing an appartment in the Algarve.The transaction has dragged on (due to the vendor) since May last year.In that time the current market value is considerably lower than we have offerred.As the deal has taken so long to complete I have had several changes of heart and now wondering if it is a good idea after all.One reason is that we are now paying over the odds for it...does 'gazundering' happen in Portugal? If we pull out now and go in with a new lower offer the monies lost would be equivalent to the devaluation in price. What to do? any advice welcome. The appartment is in Burgau in the centre of old village,so prime location.

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I need to have my NZ drivers licence and passport legally copied to submit to get a UK drivers licence. Can anyone tell me where I could get this done as it will have to be certified in English rather than Portuguese

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What the hell are IBAN and SWIFT numbers and how do I find them? I need them to transfer money from England to here is all I know.

started by: tomfin · last update: 1234119712 · posted: 1234027082

I've just started a job here and need to open a bank account asap. Can anyone recommend a good one. I don't need to do anything special. Just have my wages paid in and get a debit card. Are there any that are better when making international bank transfers?

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When I signed a rental deal on my flat my landlord asked me if i wanted receipts for my rent. I said no, but now, according to someone at work, I have learnt that you can apparently claim tax back on rent paid if you have receipts. Is this true?

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Hi does anyone know if you can apply for CRB check yourself and how you do itlooking forward to hearing from you regards Jacky

started by: salsa-745224 · last update: 1233174078 · posted: 1233099089

Does anyone know anything about claiming tax back? I've been living here for less than a year so I am apparently entitled to claim back some of the tax I paid last year. Who do I need to speak to about this?

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Can anyone here recommend a Funeral plan with a reliable company please?

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How easy is it to set up a business in Portugal and how do we go about it?

started by: smiles-742456 · last update: 1229107537 · posted: 1228986217

I have been told you cannot carry these on planes is it true?

started by: luke-744159 · last update: 1228582803 · posted: 1227301602

Can someone recommend a reputable insurance company. My insurance is due to expire at the end of the year and I would like to see if I can find a cheaper annual rate.

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Whats the maximum i can drink and legally drive here?

started by: luke-744159 · last update: 1228048586 · posted: 1227301444

Can anyone recommend a good savings account here in Portugal. What's the best rate of interest?

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