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Are there any companies who specialise in this in the area?

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I am in the process of purchasing property in the Algarve which was advertised by a reputable estate agent. I saw the property approximately 18 months ago, paid the 10% deposit across to my lawyer, arranged for POA and was told completion would be secured by the end of June 2007 in accordance with the promissory note. I am still waiting for completion! It would appear that a habitation license has not been issued by the local council. Although the property was built pre-1951 some renovations were made to the property in the 1980's and I understand that although planning consent was agreed, the council never issued the appropriate license. Things have gone from bad to worse since...... I understand the council are currently refusing to issue the habitation license since the renovations undertaken in the 1980's do not conform to the originals plans. New plans have been drawn up and now submitted and hopefully the license will be granted. I am still keen to purchase the property, it is a gem, however I am not quite sure of what the legal position is? Technically, am I still obliged to purchase? Should the property have been advertised without someone at least previously confirming that the habitation license was in place? I have asked these questions directly to my legal representative but keep being bamboozled with technical jargon! Scotty

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Is it illegal now to carry these on air planes?

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Does anybody know where I can get the best exchange rate for cash sterling to euros in the UK?

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Is it easy to open a bank account in Portugal? Which bank can anyone recommend and have they been affected by the world wide credit crunch yet?

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I am buying a property and need a policy should I find my own or go with mortgage providers suggestion?

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What are the rules about applying for residency in Portugal?

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I am looking for info on the sale of reposesion and mortgage default property in the area

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Apart from using the multibanco to pay bills and the post office, is there anywhere else you can pay, or is it possible to pay online?

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What is the general rate of income tax payable here, does anyone know and what is the threshold before you pay?

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Given that things are becoming increasingly difficult for everyone financially, we though it would be a good idea to start this thread for people to share tips and ideas for ways to save money. Does anyone have an tried-and-tested methods they would care to share?

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For those who are interested and need to move money from the UK to Portugal, I just used a company from London who have recently set up an office out here. They were able to fix the rates for me on a property we are buying and i was given a really good exchange rate after shopping around. I saw their advertisement in the Resident newspaper and gave them a call. The girl was really helpful getting me registered with them. Seems to me that as they are new, they are going out of their way to give better deals. You can look at their site at: www.fcexchange.co.uk

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can you tell me where i can get a reasonably priced portuguese will P A Teague

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What are the rules here for working Freelance? Are they like in the UK where you have to be registered as working for more than one company?

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking accountant here (preferably near to Lagos) - thanks.

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I wonder if anyone can advise me here? I have a UK credit card which I pay monthly in sterling. To do this I need to transfer money from my Portuguese bank to my English bank every month, which they charge me for. I've been to a couple of banks here and asked about 0% balance transfers, so that I can pay each month in euros. But they don't appear to know what that is! I've researched online and the only credit card that operates in euros is American Express and I don't earn enough to apply for that. I hope that all made sense. Any ideas??

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We heard something about a charity bike ride. Does anyone have more info?

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What are the bank charges like here? Do they vary much and who is the cheapest bank to bank with?

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Rather than a swimming pool, I want to dig a pond/small lake to encourage wildlife. Do you need permission for that here?

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What are the chances of getting a mortgage here as a non Portuguese and being self employed?

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