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Does anyone know what the minimum wage is here?

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What's the first thing I need to do in order to become a legitimate business here? Who/where/what? Any advice appreciated please.

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Is there any regulations here about noise levels? From neighbours/dogs barking etc. Any information would be appreciated.

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Is it correct that you can pay your bills (electricity/water etc.) at one of these machines?

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Warning for those researching into getting an architect. We employeed an architect last may 07 to help us get project approval on an extension to our house. Eventually we submitted the plans in August. long story but they failed in december for various reasons the main one being there wasn't 3m from the proposed wall to the frountline of our plot . Apperently every architect in the country knows this rule apart from ours. She refuses to change the plans - she says she has done her work correctly - and also refuses to do anymore work for us - as we are not nice to her , actually all things considered we have been extremely patient ,the camara quite rightly refuses permission . we have found a brilliant arcitect that has helped find out all the problems the camara had with our plans(the original wouldn't even tell us that ) but she can't do the work for us as the original architect has the copyright on any project we want to do. So we are stuffed - the only thing we can do is take the matter to the ordem dos architectos and wait for them to release us from this witches contract . and hopefully agree we should get our money back but There is no way of telling how long thats going to take. So if you are looking for an architect - get loads of references first before you enter into any contract.

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I heard that there is some sort of odd law on the amount you can insure your property for, does anyone know the rules with regards this?

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Looking around for potential mortgage providers (pref. English speaking). Can you recommend any?

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What are your views on the current state of the housing market? Is it a good time to buy property or better to keep renting?

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Who is the best company to do a large currency exchange to Portugal, best rates, etc. any opinions.

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I have been trying to assess the total cost of house purchase in the Algarve, based on published info, for the following costs of a property valued at E400 K :- (Excluding Removal costs & actual House value) i.e. Legal/IMT/Stamp Duty/Notary fees/IMI etc and have read that VAT may be due on some aspects of the transaction, can anyone enlighten me on this point. Is it due on Lawyers fees, or even on the house value? The total costs so far equate to about 10-11% of the house value does this sound about right ? peter milesPeter

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We will be away for a couple two month periods next year. In UK our insurance company where not to keen on this, is it the same here, If so what's the solution other use?

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My landlord says his insurance covers all but my personal possession's, can I get a policy just for them?

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I am looking into setting up a business here, I would like some advice on the legal issues etc.. Any info AIs can give please. Also name of good accountant, with some English if possible. Cheers

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I need some worldwide travel insurance for a long trip can any one recommend please

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Can someone explain what next year's law will mean for smokers? As I understand it smoking will not be banned outright in public places. Is this correct?

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We are planning a move to the algarve. Maybe someone could answer a question for my wife. She s wondering if there is a differnce between what women get paid, we have found in Spain she has been offered less than men with same qualifications,does this happen in Portugal?

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Hi all!!! Me and my husband bought 2 years ago an apartment off-plan in Duquesa (near Marbella) and some months ago the developer told us that our apartment was going to be delayed, by another year! As you can imagine we were a bit annoyed and after talking to our family we decided to pull out. Someone recommended us these lawyers in Marbella and we called them immediately and dealt with Felipe. Some months later we got our money back plus interests!!! We are really happy now and thinking about where to go on holidays! It is worth it having a look, they are in more countries if you need and they can help you with all kind of problems. If you want send Felipe an e-mail, I don’t know if I can give you his personal one. Well, anyway you can send it to the general one (info@martinezechevarria.com) and then write “to the attention of Felipe Martinez”. They also have an office in Vilamoura. Good luck and all the best!!! Paul and Marianne

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Can any one recommend some suitable english reading, published on the web, that explains what actions are necessary, for a fully paid up UK employee, wishing to work in Portugal, and which will ensure or protect an entitlement a future state pension payable in Portugal ? peter milesPeter

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I am looking at moving to the Algarve with my partner. We are in our thirties and have lots of transferable skills and will be looking to set up a new business. What we would like to know is what is the cost of l¡ving like? How much should we budget for living expenses excluding accommodation. Want to be ok while we work on business.

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How do you go about getting all the legal things sorted when moving permanently to Portugal? I know there is lots of info on the net but would welcome some advice form ex pats that have gone through process themselves. Cheers

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