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If you have experience of either could you give me some guidance please and maybe recommend a good bank thanks

started by: nelson-742773 · last update: 1193998676 · posted: 1193920497

Can I continue with my UK licence now I live here all the time if not what do I do?

started by: charlton-742641 · last update: 1193331446 · posted: 1193303771

There is a rumour that water bills are going to increase substantially next year. Does anyone know if it's true? Or how much it will affect us?

started by: bobby-742630 · last update: 1192810179 · posted: 1192785725

I know that Blevins Franks are holding seminars on wealth protection. Does anyone know where these are being held?

started by: bramble-742479 · last update: 1192533071 · posted: 1185175757

Were running low on funds and i need to bring some money out from a UK bank can i have a recommendation for a no hassle currency exchange company please.

started by: sleepy-742571 · last update: 1191922069 · posted: 1191832303

about to go to UK whats best way to exchange to sterling please. I do not have a UK bank account now.

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can anyone point me in the direct of above please. I need someone to look over a contract for me. Cheers

started by: laytonm · last update: 1191833790 · posted: 1191744720

Does anyone have a model tennancy or rental agreement (in English) for a long term rental of a Portuguese property?

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I am in the process of buying an small 100 year old , 2 storey house in Lagos. Only 15m2 on the ground floor. Old wiring and old plumbing. It would never pass modern building /safety requirements. I am told that houses build before 1951 are exempt from 'Cedula de Habilidad' requirements. The title says 'Rebuilt' in 1955. and it underwent a title deed number change then. so is it exempt or not? D Declan

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I would like to get hold of a translation of Portuguese community property Law in English, anyone point me in the right direction?

started by: pinky-742647 · last update: 1189010333 · posted: 1188900663

What do I need to open a bank account in Portugal? And where are the best banks?

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Hi, please any suggestion on grant debt consolidation loans,business loans,private loans company in your region?Asis

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Hi, I hear that it is quite bureaucratic to set up a charity in Portugal as the system requires even permission from the District governor. As opposed to England whereby it's a common thing to set up a charity. Please, can anyone send me some info on this matter?Andrea

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Can I set up a business in Portugal without Residency Card I m foreigner with a tourist visa in portugal. thanks

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Please could someone direct me to an English lawyer in the Beja area?Lilly80

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I would be greatful for all info that you can provide on the ins and outs of buying a bar in the Algarve - Portugal, as I have been there and love the place, just don't know where to start ...Asis

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Hello, I am thinking of buying some property in the Algarve area, do they have power of attorney in Portugal?expresso

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