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(Note from Editor: While Algarve Live community platform is undergoing an upgrade we are pleased to post here this news from Premier FX)   The acquisition adds breadth to Premier FX’s customer base and provides expansion into new industry sector.Almancil, Algarve, Portugal –  Premier FX, the boutique currency exchange company headquartered in London, England, with offices in the Algarve, Portugal and Palma de Mallorca, Spain, are pleased to announce the recent acquisition of UK-based Global Currency Service Limited.  GCSL is a 13-year-old specialist foreign exchange company for private and corporate clients, with a solid reputation serving the media and entertainment sectors.  Both brands will remain separate and both companies will be directed by Peter Rexstrew, owner and CEO of Premier FX."We have been working with GCSL closely now for two years and it seemed the right time to complete this acquisition,” said Rexstrew.  “The brand is well known in the media sector, and the company has an established client base.  Bringing GCSL together with Premier FX seems a natural fit.”Peter Rexstrew will join the board of GCSL as CEO and owner.  Former GCSL owner David Baker will remain with the company to maintain a seamless transition period for GCSL clients."David has a wealth of experience in foreign exchange, and has built a successful business with GCSL,” comments Rexstrew.  “His knowledge and continued guidance is greatly appreciated as we grow the GCSL brand and business."“I’m pleased that GCSL will carry on with such a respected company as Premier FX,” says Baker.  “I have no doubt that existing customers will continue to receive first-class service, and that the company has an opportunity for increased growth in the marketplace.”    Already, a rebranding effort has led to a new design for the GSCL logo and the launch of a new company website.  GCSL has three employees.  The company operates out of Premier FX offices in Reigate.  About Premier FXFounded in 2006, Premier FX is an internationally-renowned foreign exchange remittance company.  Premier FX offers personalized, professional currency solutions for private and corporate clients, from offices in the Algarve, Portugal, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and London England. Premier FX is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, under firm reference number 530712, and can fully utilise the world's best financial services infrastructure for the benefit of clients. www.PremierFX.comAbout Global Currency Service LimitedSince 2004, Global Currency Service has offered currency exchange services to private individuals in the UK, and companies doing business international sphere.  In recent years, GCS has developed a special emphasis on money transfer strategies for the media sector working in overseas locations.  GCSL is a UK registered company.  It is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a payment services institution, under firm reference number 535671. www.GlobalCurrencyService.com

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I understand that it's fairly easy to open a company, but i can find simple information about how to do it. Can it be done online, or do you need a lawyer. There is also conflicting information about needing 5000 euro vs 2 euro nominal capital.

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We are looking to convert a bar to a daytime tapas bar. Any advice for things to remember and/or avoid?

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Hi!  We are planning to purchase an apartment in Lagos soon and are looking for an English speaking solicitor in the town.  Any ideas?  Many thanks.  

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hican anybody tell me has bankinker any branches opened in the algarve, they took over barclays banks this year tks ray

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Can anyone tell me about employee rights on a full time contract if they are off sick?Do you get the same 3 days without official notification as in the UK, if so are these paid days?

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Hi, I am in the unenviable position of having a partner who has Lewy Body Dementia. We have a proprty in Potugal that I need to sell to finance her care. I have a Power

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Hi - I have read a number of articles that state that homesharing e.g. Air BnB in Portugal has been agreed by the government and you ony need to register if you have 9 rooms or more. Can anyone confirm what the riles are in Algarve?http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/22/technology/sharing-economy-faces-patchwork-of-guidelines-in-european-countries.html?_r=0https://www.airbnbaction.com/portugal-overhauls-tourism-laws-embrace-home-sharing

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Hi. My husband and I are considering moving to the Algarve within the next year or so, after some years in France. In light of Brexit, we realise that we will be asked to prove income to gain residency. We have private pensions at the moment and the state pension kicks in in 2021. Can anyone advise us as to the income level required by the government, as we are concerned about moving there only to find that we cannot obtain residency. Many thanks.

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Has ANYONE paid property tax while not living in Portugal? I live elsewhere and wish to pay my tax but have difficulty working through the website:http://info.portaldasfinancas.gov.pt/pt/at/CorreioInstitucional.htmand so since the authorities are not able to make this site available in English (which is spoken by hundreds of taxpayers) perhaps someone has already worked through and prepared some information on how to do this. They should let us know, so that their work is not wasted.I have done the same for Japan, Germany and now I am doing the same for France, but I haven't started on the Portuguese site. WE need to help these governments. They are loosing badly and will soon disappear if we don't help them get their job done properly. Now we have internet and time on our hands we can SHARE the responsibility and make it easier for those who have just arrived. Or not?I am looking forward to your contributions.Kenneth KeenP.S. I have the same issue regarding income tax. Ten receipts of income totaling not more than 3000€ a year is surely not going to be difficult. I don't even need to look for items which I can write off against this tiny amount or should I get a "professional" in to add his fees to the whole mix?

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Advice please!  My neighbors have had extensive renovations to their property which are now complete.  But their builder has abandoned a derelict van and unsightly piles of building materials adjacent to my house on some spare land out of sight of my neighbours.  It is in plain view of my house.  For the last five months the builder has promised this material will be removed.  My neighbours are unhelpful, as they can't see the mess.  I have emailed the local Camera and the GNR requesting assistance, hoping they could bring the power of the law to bear, but no assistance has been forthcoming.  Who else can I appeal to?  I live just outside Monchique in a popular rural area frequented by tourists. 

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I have just bought a house near lagos, and need to open a bank account.  I wondered if anyone can recommend a bank with a branch in lagos.  A lot of  banks seem to have monthly charges.   Just looking for a dependable bank with good online banking and no completely ridiculous fees.  

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My wife and I are looking to make use of the non-habitual tax breaks given to expatriates who become resident in Portugal for tax purposes.  Can anyone recommend an English-speaking tax advisor who will be able to advise/guide us? Steve.

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Hi, I'm trying to understand what are the costs associated will selling a property in Portugal.TaxesLegal RepresentationSelling AgentPlus any other costs I may have missed.T

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My mother in law has a property outside Boliqueime.The property has been valued at €560,000.She does not have a mortgage on the villa.She has been looking at getting a mortgage for €70,000 but has been unsuccessful as she doesn't have money going in and out the bank on a regular basis.She is now looking at releasing equity on the property and was wondering how difficult it would be.Any feedback or advice would be greatly welcomed

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I purchased an apartment in November last year for €205k. What is the procedure to take advantage of the IMI 3 year tax exemption?

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hi all just wondering has anyone recieved their property tax in the post coming over in early april to pay tks Ray

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Anyone know the cost for applying for this?

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Hi, does anyone know how you get a Hawkers licence and how much it would be? Thanks

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Does anyone know if the Non Habitual Residency agreement between the Portuguese and UK authorities would be affected if UK leave the EU.  

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