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Hi, we have a villa that we rent out for holiday guests. Our current maid's standard of cleaning has decreased, and we currently have to pay her 14 months salary.... We have never signed or seen a cotract as she came via the management company we employed. We are not happy with this arrangement; particularly as the villa is only used for approximatley 6 months - so we are actually paying her a salary for 8 months when she is not working... The management company have said that if we terminate her employment, or change the arrangement to 'pay as required/part time', we have to pay her a years's salary as compensation! We are staggered at this - surely this isn't right? We would be very grateful for any advice (pref where we stand with the law) please. Thanks kindly, Karen

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Hi all, does anyone have any experience getting a licience for a small catering trailer? I am in the Castro Marim distict.

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Hi everyone, just moved to the Algarve and bought a property. Can anyone give us advice on the local 'Council Tax payments'.  When are they due, etc.  Many thanks :)  Happy New Year    

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I have a question I hope someone might be able to help me with. My friend and I rent in the Algarve each year (since 2009/2010) for the winter, usually 3 to 4 months at a time. Last season, just days before we were due to depart, we found out our regular place would not be viable for this winter and so we hastily rented a new place, having been introduced to the owner through a mutual acquaintance, one day before returning home. It was a gentleman's agreement, just predicated on a handshake. (Yeah, I know, in hindsight we were idiots, but our interactions with landlords up until then were always extremely friendly and honorable.) Shortly before the balance of our rental was due at the end of Sept 2015 (8 weeks before arrival on Dec 1), we alerted the owner that my friend had just discovered she was facing surgery and a possible oral cancer diagnosis. The owner solicited our payment of the balance without informing us that if we had to cancel, he wasn't going to refund any of the four months we were paying for, and admittedly we were naive in not nailing him down on a refund policy, instead assuming he would have alerted us to any issues at that time since no contract had been provided. Sure enough, my friend is facing a rigorous and ugly treatment protocol that forced us to cancel all four months. (We'd initially hoped we'd just be late arriving.) My question to the group is whether anyone knows if we might actually have any recourse to recup at least some of our 4800 euros that this man has flatly refused to refund. (We never thought to secure insurance, regrettably, because it was a long-term rental and we drive from France vs. fly.) It was a rental price inclusive of utilities which of course is an expense that won't be realized so I feel we should be entitled to at least that portion, although we don't have a fixed figure for it. (I would estimate based on previous years' costs.) Other property renters I've spoken to are horrified at this man's refusal to either refund or honor our first request which was simply to apply most, if not all, of our full payment to a rental the following winter, which I thought was more than reasonable and reinforced our potential to become a regular annual tenant. I should add that the owner is a man who is substantially wealthy--we're talking the exalted 1% here--and so any refund would not hurt him in any way. Is there a small claims venue or is this a pipe dream and this person can legally, if not ethically, appropriate 100% of our rental despite our having alerted him (in writing) of our situation this past September? Any knowledgeable advice is most gratefully appreciated!!

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I have 2 questions and hope that some of the contributors have more knowledge than I. 1) Is there a bank, with a branch in Alvor village and with a good English language online banking system? 2) If more than one bank, which is the most "stable" i.e. I don't want to open an account i only to find that the bank goes to the wall shortly thereafter. I was with Barclays, which closed their branch in Alvor and now is being bought by another. T

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Good Morning all, I live in the Algarve, recuited and employed by a british company and therefore pay Tax and NI at source in the UK. I am 59 years old and have worked in the Uk since I was 15 until I was 55 and paid my NI. and Taxes. My question is do I have to continue paying NI in the UK or could I pay it to Portugal, so I would get a pension here when I retire? Any information would be gratefully accepted.   Gill

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Have just purchased a property.  Banks behaviour and involvement were questionable?  Anyone else had an experience that they would not expect from a European bank    

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A new article written by Dennis Swing Greene, Chairman and International Fiscal Consultant for euroFINESCOs.a. addresses situations when conspicuous consumption patterns do not match declared income. The article includes a helpful table and what the taxman may be searching for in certain cases.  Head over to Algarve Live to read the full article: Manifistations of Wealth

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Hi All, Hope We are Enjoying the Beautiful Weather !?. Would Any body Know the Criteria ?, procedure for British Expats. Residents in Portugal, Retirees, for the 10 Yr Tax Excemption. Cheers Brian.

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As the heading states, I am trying to get a difintive answer on the amount of CGT non residents have to pay on the sale of there holliday homes here, that is to say, property which is not classed as a 'primary residence'. I understand the current rate levied for CGT is 28% and that will be payable on the difference between purchase and sale price, whilst this may not be a factor for major concern amongst recent arrivals ( due to the property downturn) for those like myself who have owned here long term (in my case I bought in 1990) it can represent a significant sum ! I have been told by a lawyer that it's 28% on the full amount, but I have also been told by an accountant that if I reinvest the profit into another Portugese property (within 2 years of the sale) I qualify for a 50% CGT rebate on the money reinvested, there was also mention of an 'inflation coeffecient' to take into account ! Essentially, I was hoping to sell my big old hse and purchase something smaller and cheaper, releasing some equity. Does anyone have recent experience or knowledge of this ?

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Hi We have recently bought a property in the Algarve which we are not renting out.  We still live and work in the UK.  Do we have to file any kind of tax return in Portugual, even if it just confirms we haven't received any income in Portugal? Many thanks.

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has anyone been successful in getting a CRB check done in this country.  I am being asked by an english agency to provide one.

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A highly informative article outlining the upcoming change in the EU Inheritance directive is available to read. The easy to read article gives wonderful examples and clarity to what might otherwise be a challenging piece of information.  Use this link to read the article: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/angloinfo-world-money/2015/07/21/european-union-inheritance-rule-changes/

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I have been advised by several people that the rules, and amount of money to be paid, for permanently importing cars from other EU Countries (including the UK) is being changed, and, it will become considerably cheaper. Can anyone advise if this is true and likely timings.

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Hi, We are non-residents, we have a house and we want to rent it in summer, what is the taxation system in Portugal for the rent? Should I get a rental license too? Thanks and regards.    

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Hello everyone, Can anyone please tell me what the tax situation is for disabled people who want to become residents? Obrigado in advance!

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IMT   - clarification needed I have seen a property in a complex I want to buy, I was assured that the propery is freehold. I am using the lawyer recomended by the estate agent. Although the property is below 80,000 euro he told me that there is 1% of the agreed price to be paid for IMT. He has now came back and said that 'Given the fact that the apartment is integrated as part of a tourist resort, the usage license is for tourism. Therefore, the IMT rate– the tax that the buyer must pay before signing the purchase and sale deed - is of 6.50% not 1%  as I had previously informed' Can anyone tell me if this is normal & correct , as this is now adding over 4,000 euros to the price.

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Is it feasible to apply for non-habitual residency oneself? 

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Hi everyone,   As pensioners we have applied for a Resident Card to enable us to enter the health system. We are wondering if we will be automatically entered into the income tax system with the resident number or do we have to apply separately.  If it is a separate process any comments would be greatly appreciated.    Regards kay      

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Hi I am coming over to albufeira to view a property advertised through ERA which I am very interested in. If I proceed with buying this, could anyone recommend an english speaking lawyer  or give me any advice on what I should do  or actions I should take while there for the week.  I would be grateful for any advice, even if only to tell me what lawyers to avoid. Regards Jacqui

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