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Hello!As the title states I live in Portugal and work from home here since about September last year, at a Swedish company. Now I heard that it is taxpaying season and I started to wonder whether I have done everything correctly (which I probably haven't). I have gotten myself a fiscal number so that I am a registered resident and I have given my information to the Portal das Finanças. I have also opened up a portuguese bank account where I am receiving my payment each month. I thought that they would send me some documents on how to proceed with paying taxes but I have not gotten anything like that so I am starting to wonder what I have to do in order to not be seen as trying to evade taxes. Has anyone been in the same position and can offer me some insight into what to do? I have been to the IRS and got a Declaração de rendimentos but I am having problems filling this out and I still wonder if this really is what I have to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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what is considered an adaquate income to retire in Algarve from US

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I am looking for an accountant referal in Portimao .Any referrals 

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We have been letting our house for summer holiday and we are now  legalizing it as our agency asked us to, which we want. Does anyone know what the tax will be on the money we make and can we deduct the costs we had to make the house in order for letting. regards Elisabeth    

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Hi, I'm looking at setting up a small business in Lagos that will involve selling items on the 'street / pavement / roadside'. I was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction so to keep on the right side of the authorities. For example, will it be necessary to obtain a street trading licence like you have to do in the uk? The business will be selling snacks ( sandwiches) and cold drinks (cans) mainly. Any help or guidance would greatly be appreciated, All the best,

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New 10 Euro Banknotes will be in circulation from 23rd September see the website of euro banknotes: http://www.new-euro-banknotes.eu/  

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I live in Alvor and need toi contact the Camara (I assume it's Portimao, but not certain) Does anybody have any contact e-mail address, or a link to a "contacts" page opn a website?. T

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Hi All Just put a deposit on a  house in the Algarve and was wondering if any one had advice on best way to send the money to my solicitor to complete the sale? Im living in Ireland and bank with AIB but Im sure it will cost an arm and a leg to send it from there. Any suggestions very welcome. Dave

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Can anyone tell me where in Albufeira is the Tax office - to register for tax on income earned from rental .

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Can anyone suggest a local company for building and contents insurance?  We have purchased an apartment in Lagos and were looking to use a local insurer as using a UK one would means everything would be covered by UK law and not Portuguese - is this the best way to go?  

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Information on key security and political risks which UK businesses may face when operating in Portugal. This report looks at the intellectual property, organized crime, human rights, bribery and corruption and terrorism risks that UK businesses may face when operating in Portugal. We  noticed that the report has just been updated and published on the gov.uk website. You can find it here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/overseas-business-risk-portugal

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Hi, Does anybody know of a company in Alvor who will submit my tax return for me. Must have good English. T

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hi can any one tell me the law about fire regulations ,we have a couple of hectres and were told we had to plough it for the summer season which we have , our english neighbours have 5 hectres which ajoins our property and the grass hasnt been cut or ploughed ,are they breaking the law and whats the fine ,i would hate for it to catch fire as we have horses dogs goats chhickens etc thanks  M

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Hi I know this is a delicate subject but if anyone can recommend a good english speaking lawyer in or around Lagos  for conveyancing I would be grateful for the referral Thanks

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Who can be contacted to determine what an "exit door" is? The only door to the street from our building is constantly being locked and there is no other exit.  If we can have the door considered an emergency exit, we hope that the door can no longer be locked. The fire department told us they don't know about such matters and the police say they have no authority over such things. Should our next call be to the local Camara or does anyone here know of somewhere else we can contact to get this resolved?

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We bought our apartment last October through a solicitor and have been paying our EDP bill since then.  Yesterday, EDP came and cut us off because of a previous occupants unpaid bill dating October 2012.  They are demanding 114 euros to reconnect us.  We had NO PRIOR warning of this otherwise we could have got it sorted before now.  Today is a bank holiday and our solicitor is not contactable.  What is wrong with these people?  I feel we are being held to ransom!  Luckily we do not rent the property out, however my brother is house sitting and arrived from the UK in the early hours to no electricity.  Totally pissed off - has this happened to anyone else?  Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, Iam selling my apartment in Alvor and it looks like I need 2 documents 1) Energy certificate 2) Plan of the apartment Given that a lot of these things in Portugal are a licence to print money, does anybody have any guidance e.g. What should I expect to pay for the energy certificate (I've heard €200 - €350) and how can I ensure the best value. Can I source the plans myself and how do I go about this? T

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Goog Morning , I have been thinking to settle in the  Algarve Region, I am currently a 61 year retired EC citizen . The Portuguese  NHR taxation regime , introduced in 2009 and amended in 2012 , provides certain special tax rates and rules for a period of consecutive 10 years . The  individual has to qualify as a portuguese resident taxpayer by either  : -1) exeeding the 183 day test of physical presence in the Country ; -2)holding on 31 December  a dwelling that implies an intention of setting up a perminent residence. and not beeing taxed as a resident taxpayer in the 5 years prior to taking up residence in PT. With reference to the first point, I would  like to know if someone in the Blog has such ' status' and/or  can explain me what  they meen by ..quote..: ' exeeding the 183 day test of physical presence ..'..unquote... Does the resident have to prove it by - example - bank statements or tickets showing he has exeeded the 183 day of physical presence in the aggregate period  or - other example -  it's sufficient to have copies of the apartment/villa  rent , with mains gas or electricity bills...? Thanks in advance for any help . Giovanni  

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Hello, I am new to the site and must say it is a wealth of information. Can anyone help on this please ? I bought a property in Tavira in 2005 and due to personal reasons had to sell in 2009. I am now in a position to retire full time to the Algarve. However, I have turned the house upside down and cannot find my NIF cartao de contributente card. I have a copy of the original application giving the NIF number etc. My question is - Will the original card still be current and valid and also do I have to go back to the Finance office in Tavira to order a replacement - providing this is possible. Also, as yet I have not purchased a property as yet so I don't have an address in Portugal. Looking forward to the big adventure and thanks in advance for any advice - Neil 

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I am a non resident of Portugal, but I have a villa which I rent out during the summer months. My accountant has been administering my IRS for the past  few years, without any problems. However, he tells me that this year the tax administration only receive IRS's with AnnexF that contain the tenants fiscal numbers. He requires the Portuguese fiscal numbers,and the amount in euros that have been paid. I  have 'googled' this and it appears that Annex F is for long term tenants who stay for 6 months or more.  And, for visitors for 1 or 2 weeks stay it is Annex B. I have pointed out that my visitors come from all across Europe and would not have a Portuguese fiscal  No. but he says he can't deliver the IRS statement without this information. Could anyone give me information on this subject.  

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