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Hello all, We've done it.....the promissory has been paid on an apatment in Lagos. Lot's to sort out now but one of the first being a bank account that I can make euro deposits to, pay utility bills, maybe have a debit card and with an english internet banking facility. All the banks I've looked at so far charge around €100 a year for this, does anyone know of a low cost or even as in the UK - free basic bank? Many thanks, Jamie

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2 interesting and useful articles have been posted by Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D. on her blog: Let's Talk About: US Tax We would draw your attention to these 2: Foreign Assets? Form 8938 Tax Filing Requirement for US Persons 2011 and Later Tax Returns and The IRS Will Soon be Asking Questions PART I — Nominees and FATCA       

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We are now in the period of preparation of the IRS Tax returns in Portugal so Geoffrey Fletcher, Chartered Accountant, has taken a look at the tax breaks available. We thought we should share his timely and important article, Your Tax in Portugal, which can be found at this link: Your Tax in Portugal  The article was first published this month in C, the free monthly newspaper from Cascais Town Council which has pages in English each month provided by AngloINFO. As is usual, due to printing space constraints, a longer, more complete article is made available on our community platform, Cascais Live. 

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Hi everyone, I'm moving to Lagos next month, I have a great idea for selling products that I feel would work great for the touristy people that come to the algarve.. I would attend the weekly markets and flea markets in the area, I'm also interested in maybe having a stall on the long walkway in Lagos..  Is a license needed for selling from stalls on streets or is it even allowed outside of the weekly markets?  Thanks in advance for any help given :) .

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We have a house in Lagos with substantial equity. We wish to purchase another property which we just saw and need a mortgage advisor to help with release of equity in our house/remortgage. We are non-residents. Do you know anyone that can help?

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Hi would any body have any recommendations of  a translation service . I am trying to get some documents translated from Portuguese to English ?   Nothing to complicated just bank account opening forms and mortgage application with charges documents . Too much to retype into the translating tools  but i have had extortiinate quotes . Any help would be appreciated .   Thanks in advance Jill

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Please can anybody help with advice?   I wish to sell a piece of land near Lagos due to ill-health/change in circumstances and  I want to know the safest way to go about this.  For example, how do I know if an estate agent is government-approved?   I live in England but am aware that this process may involve a couple of trips to the beautiful Algarve. Any help much appreciated, thank you

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For our American readers in particular who may have offshore accounts A very interesting article on the blog; Let's Talk About US Tax on the development of disclosure negotiations. The author believes the Program will serve as a template for banks in many other countries. "If you had an undisclosed offshore account in existence on August 1, 2008 you should seek appropriate legal advice. Simply closing out the account won’t help and in fact, can serve as evidence against you – perhaps indicating you had some kind of “intent”, for example, to evade tax"   Click here for the background to this: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/us-tax/2014/01/27/swiss-continue-to-cave-in/ 

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Hi All, We know about (when a property is purchased) the property tax and stamp duty with regards to the property, we expected to pay these. We have just been offered our first mortgage in Portugal and have been surprised that the government attach a stamp duty payment (TAX) on the "ACTUAL" mortgage and if you also pay your mortgage off early the government also charge you stamp duty on this too, so taxed on the way in and on the way out? I cannot quite believe this unfair and outrageous tax.  Does anyone know if this has been the norm or has it just been brought in to grab back cash to help them, the government, get out of the credit crunch? We realise we have a choice of not getting a Portuguese mortgage (but wanted to keep it separate) by borrowing the money here in England against our English house which is un-encumbered at present and it would seem that this would in actual fact be the best thing to do. Our English mortgage is not a normal mortgage but a facility that we can borrow against and pay off at any time without a cost. Thanks for any info on this surprising tax. Garry & Jill  

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We bought a coastal property in 2007 and hired a lawyer to help us with the process and made sure he went to Camara for all the documentation and deed information. We have now become aware of this 54/2005 law which he never mentioned to us even though it had been inacted 2 years before. How does the Portuguese legal system work? Can we sue our lawyer for negligence. I saw that many people in various forums have complained about the fact that they were not informed of this issue. Does anyone know if anything can be done???

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Hi, I am involved with a conflict with PT. I have spoken to Anacom (the government body that overseees tele-communications) on many occasions and followed their advice to the letter.  I went into the PT office, filed a ten page complaint. I returned all equipment, and received a receipt. Now PT wants me to pay out the contract, though I am receiving no services whatsoever and have paid all phone bills.   Anacom initially implied that they would be fining PT for illegalities in my case. (I do have the Anacom letter stating this presumption).  Now they have accepted PT's apology, however they have told me to keep fighting by calling a Justice of the Peace!! I have only been in Portugal eight months and never expected to be embroiled in such a battle. I would like to know if anyone knows  a) a consumer support association that I could work with and/or b) a lawyer who has some expertise with cases against tele-communications providers. I will be grateful for any suggestions and will follow up on each one. Thank you, Maryanne 

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We are considering a move to Portugal as my husband has been offered a job there. We are British expats and currently receive rental income from a property we own jointly in the UK. We are already registered with HMRC as non resident landlords and are set up for self assessment. Am I correct in thinking that, once resident in Portugal, we will have to pay income tax on our UK rental income in Portugal as well as the UK? ie. whatever the difference is between what we pay in the UK and the Portuguese rate?  Many thanks.  

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Hi can anybody give me advise or point me in thr right direction with my problemwill keep it short as poss. bought a house and some land that had been subdivided, when I got al the papers  I noticed the area of land was not correct, my cadeneta ? pertains to the other piece of land subdivided.   It took me over to convince them only with a meeting with the previouse owner has it been rectified.   At this meeting ( translater named but not present at meeting)  lots of talking that I could not understand  , A new registration doc with a extra 490sqmt on and a scrap of paper with a bill for €400 for me to pay , they are now trying to get the previouse owner to pay this  but he has'nt come up with the money  so I still have a cadenetta for a piece of empty land with a for sale signe on.  The only good news is he cannot sell it while the papers are wrong. Any ideas  I think it is the solicitors fault its the wrong papers and they are trying to get anybody to pay for it but themselvse. Colin Smith colin.smith25@gmx.co.uk  

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Hi all, When my husband and I first moved here 5 years ago we were told that we needed to register with the authorities for the document "'certificado de registo de cidadao da unioa europeia". This involved us visiting the local internet shop ( run by a nice man from the Camara) , paying a small fee, 5 euro or so, showing our passports and completing a short form with some personnel details such as occupation, address, nationality etc. Our document has now expired ( was valid for 5 yrs) and I wondered if anyone can advise me on what we need to do next? I have sent emails  to SEF ( servico de estrangeiros and fronteiras) and tried ringing them but so far, no response. Any help, advice much appreciated. Thank you     

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A very informative piece has been published on Algarve Live regarding gambling and includes resources available for people to learn more. Take a few moments to read: Gambling Information Pamphlet Published.

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A press release was just published on Algarve Live regarding Benefit Fraud: No Excuses for Stealing From the Taxpayer. Some interesting information for everyone.

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Hi guys my husband and I are buying our first holiday home in Luz  and want to know how to transfer the money for the purchase to the bank in Luz getting the best transfer rate. Many thanks The Metcalfes 

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I have been told that I can look on line and find out everything about myself simply by entering my fiscal number on to a website..I have treid Via CTT but this does not appear to tell me everything. The person who metioned this to me,told me that I would find the property I own listed,my car ,taxes,fines etc etc . The real reson for wanting to know this is that I have returned to France in my Portuguese registered car and worry that I might have picked up a speeding ticket a long the way!! Any suggestions? Thank you

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Have a read of the article over on AngloINFO World: Money. Here is the link to take you there direct: UK State Pension: Important Change to Witnessing of Life Certificates

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Commencing January 1, 2014, the “Affordable Care Act”, more derisively known as “OBAMACARE” will require that Americans carry so-called “minimum essential health coverage” (basically, health insurance) or suffer payment of a tax penalty.  Important information for our American readers from Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D. on her blog, Let's Talk About US Tax. Click here to find the article:  US Citizens Abroad and OBAMACARE

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