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Hi, I have 3 questions regarding Fiscal Representation in Portugal. 1) What is the function of the Fiscal Rep in Portugal? 2) Is it mandatory in law for someone who does not live in Portugal (but has a property there) to have a Fiscal Rep? 3) Can I appoint anyone as my Fiscal Rep. i.e. an ordinary citizen, rather than a solicitor?   Thanks, T

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Hi, this is a bit complicated. I stay in Portugal regularly but have no permanant address here. I do have a Post Office Box (Apartado). I have bought an old car, but the Bank made out the Ins Cert to my English Address instead of the one i gave them. They say they can't change this unless i get Residency or have utility bilsl, which i don't have, as i have no permanant address here how can i sort this out and become legal. Elfinalgarve

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I just lost all my money in a court case where the judge ruled against me without evidence. He decided that the opposition  should have all my assets. I had clear evidence on my side. The only thing I can think of is that the Judge was bribed.

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we have just had delived a court paper to atten portimao ,it,s in my 12 year olds name, and it saids we are to have a childs lawyer , the only thing i can think of is a complaint i did againest a very naught boy, ,, how or who can i get as a childs lawyer, cheaply,

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Hi, I'm looking for a bookeeper/accountant with good English to help/train me in how to fill in my online IRS return. I would like to sit with someone and be shown how to fill it in (simple filing - only rental income and expenses). I would take notes during the process and then be able to fill in myself from then on. Location is Alvor. T

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Hi,   I'm trying to understand my rights with regards to my condominium management company. My fees have increased by 30% in 3 years and I want to challenge the reason and ask others for their opinion. My problem is that I do not have a list of owners and contact details for the condominium. Is the company obliged to give me this information if I request it? Also, as the AGM is carried out entirely in Portuguese (which I do not speak), what are my options? T

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Hi there. Can anybody tell me how to find out about any CG tax that I might owe?  Thanks DD  

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Hello we are interested in buying a small property here, and are being told by the Real Estate Agent that we don't need to use a Notary, that we can go directly to the Camara Land Registry office with the owner who is selling and armed with enough cleared capital plus passports etc etc, and do it all there, without needing to go before the Notary. Is this true? Is this safe? Thanks.

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has anyone moved country and not paid capital gains tax? what happened after 2 years? did they come after you?

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Hi, Is there anyone who can help me with regard to claiming unemployment benefit in Portugal. I have worked for an English company and regularly paid my contirbutions in the UK. I live here now in Portugal and want to claim but am having trouble with red tape here. I have rung the UK DWP and enquired about a E303 form so i can claim, but have been told as I have not made a claim in the UK I cannot do this. However the UK DWP have said that as Portugal is part of the EU I can claim here, despite not paying and taxable contributions. I would appreciate any help on this matter. RegardsAL   A Stirk

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8 years ago i was self employed, and earning a little wage, but ask social how much to pay, they didn,t reply , this went on,, but i paid what i thought,any way, portugal falls in to hard ship, and i get a letter to say i owe x amount,,,,,,blew me away, as they can e,mail when they want!!any way, the qeustion still stands of how much i should of paid !!because they have given nearly half the wage of what i was eaning, which is wrong, i have e,mail again this week, to ask how much i should of paid, and they come back with,,, do not understand the question, !!!i need to speak to someone who can help me on this matter as i am going round in circles,  thanks readers.

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Virginia has highlighted someof the main features of the deal that was struck. PLease click here: Fiscal Cliff Averted: Some Highlights of the Deal Passed by Congress

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Hi, Can anyone help clarify the rules on paying income tax on rental income. I have become veru confused seeing rates of 15%, 16.5%, 28% and even 5% online in various articles. The situation is: We have just bought a holiday home and hope to rent it during July & August, for the first time in 2013. We are non resident but do plan to be there ourselves for 8-10 weeks next year. When I first decided to rent it, I thought  we could sign up for simplified taxation and only pay tax on 20% of the income, eqvilient to paying c 5%. I'm now told we have to pay 28%. Is there an expert anywhere can can put me straight on this? Thanks Linda  

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Can anyone please tell me the regulations on the ammount of pearmable land required by the CCDR. My plot is 4750 sq. meters My villa and pool is 250sq. meters with a large patio about 200 sq meters I have been informed that I need to make some of this patio into pearmable land. My problem is no one seems to be able to tell me the specific regulation on this.  

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Posted on Let's Talk about US Tax: Homeland Security Helping the IRS Collect Tax Deficiencies from Overseas Americans

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For many years, the tenant of a bar in a key tourist spot has been making a mint in profit, but paying a pittance in rent under the trespasse laws. Anyone any bright ideas about how the landlord can increase the rent to a considerably higher but still reasonable level?  Lawyers seem confused.   

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Of interest to our readers who are thinking of doing business in the US:  Foreign Corporation Doing Business in the US

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Does anyone know of how to obtain a "Cartao de Cidadao" & why it is necessary? My daughter's teacher is saying that she should have one. We have been told that her passport is sufficient. 

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Gibraltar has issued a statement saying that its pension fund administrators have been “given the green light in writing” by HM Revenue & Customs to resume handling qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes. Click here to read more on AngloINFO World Money: QROPS Gibraltar  

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Another article on US Tax advice from Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D. is available on AngloINFO US Estate Tax Planning when Married to a non-US Spouse - Use of QDOT

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