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On her blog Let's Talk about : US Tax, Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D. has contributed another interesting and relevant article : Foreign Nationals – Am I “Resident” for US Estate & Gift Tax Purposes? Click here to read it: Am I resident?

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A specialist in US tax laws for American Expats, foreign investors into the US market or other foreign persons having any US connections has been writing a blog, called Let's Talk About: US Tax , for one of our sister sites AngloINFO Dubai.   Some of her articles and advice are of general relevance so we thought we should share them with our readers in Portugal.  We have selected several of her informative articles and provided below the links to them on her blog if you want to read them in full. You can see from the titles of the articles that the subject matter should be of interest. The Accidental American and the Taxman How Non-US Citizens May Become Subject to US Taxes International Wills and the US Expat Abroad – Don’t Be Duped! E-Trak: IRS’ Stealth Weapon to Find Hidden Offshore Accounts What is the 3.8% Medicare Surtax? How will it Affect Americans Overseas? ITINs – IRS Issues More Interim Rules Unreported Offshore Account Holders – The IRS Can Find You Without Knowing Your Name Latest IRS Pronouncement – Streamlined Program for Nonresident US persons Who Are Delinquent with Tax Returns / FBARs   We will draw your attention to further articles of interest. 

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I am a new user of this website and have joined as a result of being left proerty when my brother died in Faro last year I reside in UK and I have received what I think is the demand for rates from Financas I am struggling to interpet to whom I make a cheque out to   I would be grateful for any information regarding this   Anngil

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An interesting and important explanation has just been posted on Algarve Live in the Finance and Legal section by our Guest Writer, Artur da Costa Bruno - Lawyers. It will be of especial interest to owners of land. Please click here to see the article: Algarve Live   

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Hi there, please can anyone recommend a Fiscal rep based Lagos/West .

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Hi,Moving to the Algarve next month was just wondering about changing some money over from Sterling to Euro's.Would i get a better deal if i changed sterling cash when i get to the Algarve or change to Euros in the uk and if so what is the max i can take through customs on both currencies with out any hassle.Regards.

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Does anyone know of an financial institutions or private lenders that are prepared to lend to small businesses in The Algarve. I am trying to source a relatively small amount, €10,000 and have assets to put up as collateral. It is for expansion of an existing business which has grown at a fantastic rate over the past twelve months and the money is needed to facilitate expansion that is needed. The banks are a waste of time and unwilling to help so thought I would try this forum.

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Does anyone know of a no win no fee lawyer dealing with civil litigation. Central Algarve preferred but not essential. Need a quick response to this posting. Thanks.

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We've been offered a property swap - does anyone fully understand the Portuguese 'Permuta' system ? Many thanks

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Hi I am looking for information regarding the law on private accommodation. Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction, as to what the law is about rental properties and whether they now all need a license to operate? Does this include a private home owner who rents through holidaylettings and the like?Many thanksChristine

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Can anyone give me the correct advice on this matter? In October 2007 I purchased a property, and never received any bills from the financas regarding this tax and had been told that we were exempt from this tax from a period of 7 to 10 years before payment was necessary.

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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this situation. My father (Portuguese res & UK cit) passed away in Portimao 3 years ago. We had a lawyer in Lagos process the estate as required and the assets distributed. Now, 3 years later, a private hospital is suing my brother (UK cit & resident) for non-payment of a hospital bill relating to the death of my step-mother (Port res & UK cit) 4 years ago claiming my father never paid it. In the intervening time, at no point did the hospital even issue any invoices to us. Is there any statute of limitations and/or protection for heirs from outstanding estate debts as a result of the probate process? We have contacted our lawyer but just trying to get some understanding of Portuguese laws. Thanks for any help.

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Hi Has anyone read in the papers about the Portuguese Government relaxing the matriculation of UK registered vehicles.

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A neighbour has built a house on my land. I went straight to Camara and asked what to do. They said there is nothing they can do about it. I asked what would happen if I smashed it down. They said I would be in big trouble. Then neighbour started more building work thinking i wasn't there. I smashed it down and told the builders to go home. After 20 years the law says it becomes his land. I cant believe I'im in this mess.I've spent the last few years worrying about it. People have told me if I do anything he might get a gun because he is Brazilian with no morals. if it was in UK the gov would be there next day telling him to take it down.

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Does anyone know the regulations for long term rental of your property in Portugal. My estate agent has found a tenant for my apartment and now tells me I need an inspection of the property to determine that it's up to correct standards and this will cost me 200 euros. My apartment is only 6 years old and of course has a habitation license.

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Can anyone help me out here? I am not in the Algarve at the moment so cannot go to the local Camra.I hope to be back in a month and I am looking to run up a food prep business at 'home' or on suitable premises and need to know what rules are applied.What are the legal requirements? The food will be transported and sold at various outlets not from the premises.What are the rules concerning this transport? I would be grateful to anyone who has the experience or would go themselves or could recommend someone who could find out this information for me (in English) and pass on to me.I am happy to pay a small sum for this service as it would help me move things along faster instead of waiting a month! thankyou.

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hi we want to make a will in portugal can anyone recomend a person /company who provide this servicehow much does it cost we are in vilamoura. tks

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The house was built 20008 and cracks began to appear in the patio paveing almost from the start . The crack is now so wide and the patio has dropped to a degree that the gate no longer latches . The space betwwen the gate and post is too wide . The pool area ,which is communal has also got the same cracking and subsidance . The pool tiles have also come off the pool steps . We have a condo/management company . Who is responsible for the repairs 1)the condo.management --2) The builder --3)Me. I have complained to the builder on several occasions but no joy there . If it is the responsability of the builder ,how do I go about making him do the repairs to my private patio and the communal area .

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Is a UK will valid here in Portugal and if not what's the cheapest and quickest way of organising one?

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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction. My husband and I are both out of work and cannot claim unemployment, I was wondering if there was any other help we could get as a family? Thanks

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