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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction. My husband and I are both out of work and cannot claim unemployment, I was wondering if there was any other help we could get as a family? Thanks

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Hi does anyone know how long you must have left on your passport, before you are not allowed to fly thanks

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Does anyone know if there is a lawyer called Sandra Saraiva still operating in the Albufeira area.

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Does anyone have any idea on the law in the Algarve with reference to caravans here? As I understand it caravans are classified the same as cars etc and are only supposed to be here for a max of 6 months in any one year. Lots of people live full time in their caravans on camp sites as well as private land or store them whilst they return to UK. As British owned caravans only use the towing vehicle number plate and have no engine and most have no log book (unless CRiS registered) how can they be classed along with cars and how can you produce documents to prove the caravan is yours if they have none? What I would really like to know is could the police come to camp sites, check camp site records and fine/remove caravans that have been here for more than 6 months?

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Hi I really hope that someone can give some advice.I have rented an apartment for a years contract, however after 4 months the landlord has still not completed the work he promise he would have. I am tired of chasing him and have found another place that is ready! My problem is that on the contract the notice period is 120 days, I am ready to move out asap.Does anyone know where I stand with this?Look forward to advice.

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I am looking for someone to help me with my tax return for rental income. a) Explain the way around the Portuguese tax website (only a couple of entries I assume i.e. income and allowances). b) Explain allowable expenses Location would be Alvor. T

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i know nothing about exchange rates. is it a good time to change pounds to euros . when it says the pound is up against euro what does it mean.

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I have a problem with soot and fumes contaminating the terrace of my apartment, the pollution is eminating from the flue of a restaurant below my apartment. Does any one know how I can find out about the regulations relating to emissions from flues/chimneys of commercial premises and what official department enforces the regulations. Steve

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Hi, a couple of questions ...1. can anyone give any light on tax on bonuses for June and December for Portuguese workers on contracts? It was mentioned to me that there is a possibility of 50% tax on earning above the minimum wage?? 2. Should these bonuses be at the discretion of the employer and should they be paid on the 1st or last day of June and December? 3. What's the holiday entitlement for a Portuguese worker on permanent contract? Any info much appreciated,

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Has anyone got any information on how to proceed with this?We have been told by the Camera, whom we are registered with, that we need the permission of the National Roads Authority but my attempts to contact them so far, have been to no avail. Does anyone know if there is an office, open to the public, on the Algarve? Alternatively, are there any sign companies who help with the permission process? We speak Portuguese so that is not the problem.Thanks for any help.

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We are in the process of buying a property in the Algarve. Can anyone please tell me where the Fiscal Office is in Albufeira? Thanks

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I have been contacted by my new fiscal lawyer with a demand for 2,600 euros charges and fines from the tax department My previous lawer who dealt with our property purchase's has it seems paid the incorrect transfer tax and did not declare the Modelo1 do IMI which appears to be a completion proceess that the lawyer must do to request new valuations from the tax department, My previous lawyer had power of attorney and dealt with everything. I can understand that if the transfer tax was incorrect I am obliged to pay the difference but cannot understand why we are liable for fines when we personally have done nothing wrong. The new lawyers seem indifferent and request we transfer the two thousand six hundred euros or there will be further penalties and interest to pay. Any advice Please

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Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could provide me with any advice for setting up a nonprofil organisation in portugal. I am lookimg to create a none profit permaculture farm. The organisation will provide free teaching and be run on a donation base only. I would initially like to purchase the land in the name of the organisation, the once up and running would be looking at running local courses. Any help gratefully apprciated. Kind regards, dan

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Hi All, I have been in the Algarve now since April and my accountant tells me I should apply for residencia before the end of the tax year. I live and work in the Almancil area, does anybody know the easiest and most cost effect way of doing this. I have found somebody that will do it for me but they will charge 360 euros for the privalege and I understand it only costs approx 15 euros per person. Kind Regards, Gary.

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Hi, Does anybody know if there is a tax office in Portimao. I have rental income and I want to be able to submit my return myself, rather than pay somebody else for what should be a relatively simple return. They would need to be able to speak English. Tomohawk

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I have an account with Montepio and want to transfer some money to my English account. I can transfer it online, but don't know how much they'll charge me to do this, and how reliable the service is. Has anyone used it before, with Montepio or another bank, and do you know how much it costs?

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We are hoping to buy a property in the Guia region, can anyone please recommend a good English Speaking Solicitor?

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Hi Everyone, It has come to my attention that my current landlord does not have a habitation licence on the property I pay rent to him for. Suspect also this means he has no building insurance, or any rental licence. Can anyone tell me of MY position legally? In other words, can I be forced out ( should these discrepancies become known) despite my taking the property in good faith? I am told that the Portuguese authorities lean towards tenants rights over landlords. Is this the case? I do want to stay where I am, but also want to know what rights I have. There is no contract between the landlord and me but I do have proof that I have paid rent. The landlord is not Portuguese by the way.I would be pleased to hear from anyone/someone in respect of this.ThanksRC

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Can anyone tell me how to get a rental license and aprox.how much will it cost .?.Thanking you .Veronica.

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HI all, I would like to know roughly how much the IMI is on houses here in the Algarve. I have heard of figures of 0.7% of the value of the property, but this would mean an annual council tax bill of 2800 euros on a 400,000 euro villa, is this right ? Also I have heard that there is a tax free period of 7 years for new overseas owners on new builds but no one I have spoken to can confirm this. any help would be much appreciated. Carlos

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