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Have a look on AngloINFO Algarve's Facebook Page for a really interesting blog post from Mrs O. Click here to find it: AngloINFO Algarve on Facebook

started by: HeatMar1000 · last update: 1620106435 · posted: 1437646180

We've just moved to the Algarve, and we need to locate a source of fresh goats milk. Can anyone help please? We've only found UHT so far!   Thanks Mark

started by: Belady · last update: 1617797347 · posted: 1179150370

Hi could someone tell me how many glasses of wine for less than 0.5% alchool in the blood? Also how can you calculate it?Belady

started by: Lawrence-Morgan-856508 · last update: 1613571708 · posted: 1462893264

Hello all,Does anyone know where to buy grapefruit juice in the Algarve? Preferably pure pink grapefruit juice! Thanks in advance,Lawrence

started by: Sunseeker-977101 · last update: 1613465390 · posted: 1411299500

Hello, Visiting the Algarve very shortly and need to know if any of the major supermarkets stock Fat Free plain yogurt.   My wife has just developed Gall stones and is now on  FAT FREE diet until she can have the operation. Any help is urgently and gratefully received with my thanks and probably very great relief from the missus!! Thank you.

started by: Karen-Howard-Goldsmith-903758 · last update: 1612860952 · posted: 1498903322

Any ideas where we can get Indian herbs and spices- preferably east of Faro- but prepared to travel, within reason!!  Thanks.

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Can anybody tell me how I order a coffee (like I would get in UK) i.e. hot coffee with cold milk and in a large cup (not the small cups I normally get).Thanks,T

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Hi there, Does anyone know where I can buy butter flavouring/extract here in Portugal? Thanks so much!  

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Can anyone tell me where I can get replacement parts for the above commercial Orange juicer as the peeler part has snapped. We are in Albufeira.

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Can anyone advice if and when the Marina Pingo Doce supermaket is opening?

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Hi,I'm currently living in Albufeira and have gathered quite a lot of spare change over the past few months of living and working here (I'm a rep), I was hoping somebody would be able to tell me where a change machine is, that would take all my change and give me notes back?I don't have a Portuguese bank account, not sure if this would make a difference.In the UK they have these machines in Tesco, for example.Thanks in advance,Michael

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We have friends visiting in Alvor in 2 weeks and would love to suggest a great seafood restaurant. I'm not familiar with the area (I live in Lisbon), so hopeful someone can help out. Thanks.

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Algarve Live's latest article is a restaurant review with fantastic images. Head that way to enjoy a great review!  Read it all here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/algarve-live/2016/05/27/bon-bon-the-newest-michelin-star-on-the-algarve-restaurant-horizon/

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Hi, I have been looking for a good supplier for Kale I sometimes can get it in Apolonia, Almancil but if anyone is producing please let me know. I would also be interested  to know how to grow my own kale and when to plant and how to plant? I am also looking for rainbow chard and any other other vegetables would be interested to know. Also almonds if anyone has any for sale. Thanks in advance

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Hi All I am finding it difficult to get fresh double cream here. I bought some 'nata fresca' in Apalonia. It looked like double cream but was more like whipping cream. Many of my Christmas recepies will not work without full fat cream. Any help very welcome. 

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Be certain to visit Algarve Live for a great article entitled British Ambassador opens Food is GREAT Britain campaign in Almancil. British Ambassador Kirsty Hayes visited the Algarve last week for the official opening of the “Food is Great Britain” campaign at Pingo Doce in Almancil. She spoke about how much British food has improved and goes way beyond fish and chips with emerging cuisine trends on the rise. The campaign extends to Pingo Doce Almancil, Alvor and Lagos.  

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Hi guys can anyone recommend a desert fountain specialist to provide a lovely desert stand at my event and also i am looking for a Portuguese authentic or caribbean chef to provide in house services for a buffett on a friday and 3-course meal on the saturday, i will purchase all necessary ingredients and i already have the menu, this is for Praia Da Luz thanks  

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Hello all.  Can anyone tell me if there are any supermarkets open late (22:30 ish) in Lagos.  Or if there is anywhere we could eat that late?  We don't land 'till 20:00 and are driving so even if there's somewhere en route.........?  

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Can anyone advise of a nice restaurant for new years eve with a view of the fireworks where you can stay all night

started by: foxey-915817 · last update: 1416896805 · posted: 1416863663

We'll be in the Loule area over Christmas arriving in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. We are wondering what time the supermarkets will close? Or we might be without any food for the Big Day!!

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