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Studyingthe Chinese language is very important for us nowadays because this culture isone of the most interesting ones. Despite the fact that Chinese has numerousdialects and is considered to be a difficult language, people from all over theworld are obsessed with learning it. The first Naccl conference was held in1988, and since that year, it’s been held each year in different universities.If you’re looking for the most important event devoted to studying Chineseculture and language in North America, you won’t find it. Even though theconference takes place in North America, it draws international attention. Andhundreds of scholars from worldwide do their best to attend it. The list ofconfirmed speakers and participants can be found on Theconference is based on short talks devoted to different areas of Chineselinguistics ( experimental, applied, and theoretical). is anamazing way to explore the world of Chinese culture if it’s new for you. Aftereach talk, the speaker and other experts can discuss the topic and clarify somedetails if they seem difficult enough. The conference is a must-visit for allChinese language lovers.

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