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We are eating lots of snacks nowadays since we are stuck at home...how about you? Have you established a routine yet?

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Hello, I am looking for a place on the Algarve coast that would have a lots of tourists in the busy seasons looking for yoga and wellness related activities. I am a Yoga teacher, Hypnotherapist and wellness coach and I would like to be able to find work teaching privates in the Busy seasons to supplement my online business. I want to live in nature preferably yet where it's easy to get around to shops etc...I also would love any advice about the legalities of staying in Portugal if I do not need to be employed by a company there. Thank you for your help !rachelletersigni.com

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Can anyone with long thick curly hair recommend a good hairdresser within 25km of Albufeira. I need my hair relayering and trimming. I have had so many experiences of people cutting it and making a mess, or cutting it too short. So would like a rcommendation from someone with difficult hair like mine. Thank you

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I see that I posted a few years ago for the same and was kindly answered regarding a practitioner in Monchique/Luz.   I tried the link again, but this no longer works.  Can anybody help, please - he/she needs to be McTimoney?  I won´t be able to see mine in the UK until I go home for a short period in late August - really need to do it before then!  Thanks in advance :)

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Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can get Cod Liver Oil Capsules here in the Algarve. If not, does anyone get Holland and Barrett Cod live oil capsules delivered here? without any import problems.

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I am now in Portugal for 6 months in the year and would like to apply for residency.  Portuguese law states that I have to apply after 90 days in the country.   One of the stipulations is that I must provide proof of health care entitlement, the S1 form, from the British authorities. I should state now that I am a pensioner, aged 70.  Upon contacting the relevant authorities in the UK, I am told I can only have an S1 if I leave the country for good!  What do I do to satisfy this requirement of the Portuguese system as I shall continue to spend 6 months of the year in the UK and therefore will not be entitled to the S!!?   Any answers  gratefully received! 

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Hello-  I am a retired U.S. citizen thinking about moving to the Algarve area for retirement. I have been told that you are able to utilize the public healthcare system once you have applied for and received long term residency.  Can anyone expand on that?

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Please can anyone advise me of where we can get an inr blood test thank you

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Hello! I am moving to Albufeira and plan to organize irish dancing classes there starting from mid May 2017.I am collecting information if it would be interesting. And if positive, classes also can be organized also around Albufeira.Admittance: from 7 years old.Language of classes: English-Portuguese-RussianAbout myself: I am the dancer of Iridan Academy Russia (Moscow) since 2009. Took part in numerous competitions of irish dancing in Russia and abroad. The founder of a small branch of our school in my hometown near Moscow city. Give irish dancing lessons for few years.

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Does anybody know if/where I can purchase the above in the Lagos/Luz area, please?Thanks in advance....

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Hi I was wondering how much it cost to visit a doctor in Portugal, plus how much would a hospital visit, i.e. For a broken leg would cost 

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Does anyone know where you can go for a blood test to check for a problem without the need to see a doctor first?

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Would you know of someone in the Algarve (Lagos, Portimao area) who is in need of care at home? We are a team of two caretakers, speaking English, Dutch and German. One of us also speaks French. We have lots of experience with elderly people, for instance dementia, Alzheimer's disease, physical restrictions because of age, and much more. We also assisted mentally and/or physically challenged people. We would love to come and assist you, in your home, and provide the care you need for you stay in your own home. We can do days, nights, weekends and even live-in care when needed. We simply love taking care, and will always do so with, love, joy, kindness and patience. If you need more information, please connect to us via email: amy.makaitrw@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Warm regards,Amy

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hi all , my wife is looking for an English speaking hairdresser in vilamoura quarteria area tks ray

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Hello,I will be relocating to the Lagos/Portimao area before the end of the year after spending the last 4 years in France. I'm a fully qualified beautician and have my own salon here at the moment but I'm just wondering what the need for an English/French speaking beautician would be like in the Algarve area? I offer a range of treatments and I'm happy to offer mobile services too. I'd be really grateful for any advice. Many thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know of a good English speaking Osteopath (not chiro or physio) in the Algarve, preferably between Albufeira and Lagos? Many thanks.

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Hi, I am a pro athelte and am looking for a fully equipped gym to train at  while I am staying in the Lagos area.. Could anyone suggest anywhere?Thanks!

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