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Hi I was wondering how much it cost to visit a doctor in Portugal, plus how much would a hospital visit, i.e. For a broken leg would cost 


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Hi Kay, Unless You Registrar to become Permanent Resident, You will not Receive Portugal"s Health Benefits. Ie, 5 Euros for Drs Visit at Local Saude,(Clinic), Also Reduced Pharmacy Prescriptions.

Private Drs Visit, Can Range from 45-60 Euros for a Consultation !!. No Idea on Cost for Broken Leg Visit to Faro Hospital !!?.

           Hope this is of Some Help. Brian.


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If you have an EU health card (old E1 11) and are a UK or other EU country resident visiting, then all emergency treatment eg a broken leg would be free. But if not it could run into hundred or even thousands. If it was something more serious even tens of thousands. I did hear a story of an unfortunate man travelling the world with his wife in a boat. He had a stroke in Portugal and had no health insurance, so his boat was impounded and sold and it was all he had in the world. As Brian says, a private consultation with the GP will cost between 45 and 60 euros. You can get a yearly card from Loule private  hospital which gives you a discount on private treatment and then you can see a specialist doctor from 33 euros for a consultation. In the public system, you still pay something for health services. 5.50 euros per physiotherapy visit, 14.50 euros  for a CT scan or xray etc etc. 

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