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Hi I am three months pregnant now and have had a complete nightmare with the private and public health system here and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a contact for a midwife who is located between Portimao and Lagos. I live in Monchique and have been told that there is an english midwife who works in the Portimao hospital called Sean/Shawn/Shaun (not sure how to spell her name). If any one does have her contact details, i would really be greatful if you could pass them on to me. i know that there is a midwife called Karen Morgan but she is based quite far away from Monchique. Also if anyone has a good gynaecologist male or female, please let me know their details, as well as any help with anything concerning pregnancy here in the Algarve. I have already had 2 internal scans, less than 2 weeks apart, which cost 100 euro each, I am positive these were totally unecessary as there was nothing wrong in the first scan, and i think the second one was done just because I was there for an apointment to collect my smear test result. A french friend of mine said she ended up having 15 scans here in the algarve and was so disillusioned by all the gynaecologists and the healh system that she went back to France to have her baby. So if anyone has had a positive experince, please let me know, I´d really appreciate it. Also,Has anyone had a baby in Alvor Hospital? Would you recommend it? thanks! Nirali


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maybe you could make an appointment to see Karen, she works at the Medical Centre at Vale do Lobo, she is very nice and could explain the normal procerdures here to you, the tel number is 289398009

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Hi Nirali,

It might look strange to be a guy replying your post :) however I have a daugther (15) and a son (11) both born in the Algarve (Faro hospital) and as far as I can tell you and based on the experience of many people I know the public hospital are a lot more experienced that private ones also in case something happens they have the knowlege and equipment for all situations.

Recently, one of my sisters in law gave birth to a baby girl in Portimao hospital and she says everything went very well, staff were friendly, doctors were next to her all the time and she even had a room for herself.

This is basically to tell you that hopefully all this problems that you had are past and if you "take another chance" things migth be diferent. Talk with the doctors about your concerns and I am sure they will give the suportt and information you want /need.

A very good doctor also in Portimao is called Dra Luisa Pargana (282 096104) she lives in Lisbon but comes at least once a week to the algarve, (Portimao) my wife does regular check ups with her for some time and she is very happy.

Wishing you the best for your baby and yourself,


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Thanks Miguel and lissie for the information it is really helpful, and thanks

for taking time to read my blog!



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Hi, late to the discussion, but there are now also midwives at A Cegonha. This is their website: http://www.acegonha.com 


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I do not know what to say really what you share very well and useful to the community, I feel that it makes our community much more developed, thanks fnf drift boss

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