Physical Therapy in Western Algarve

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Hi all. I'm thinking of moving to the Algarve after buying a small property there 2 years ago. I'm a registered physical therapist with a successful business in Ireland. I would like to start a practice up when I get there but can't find any other physical therapists. Is there a need for us /me. I do soft tissue manipulation and deep tissue massage to relieve painful joint and muscles and specialise in dry needling which gives huge relief to my patients at the moment. I don't do skeletal manipulation like an osteopath or chiropractor but concentrate on mucular/joint pain for things like ankle sprains , Chronic knee pain, post and pre op hip rehab, lower back chronic pain and shoulder and neck strains as well as specialising in Fibromyalgia and similar auto immune and arthritic conditions. Appreciate any feedback on current therapists or need for this service . Looking at setting up in the Portimao / Lagoa district.Thanks Dave 


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Hi, I am sure there would be a great need for your service, especially as a lot of us keen gardeners are sometimes a bit too keen and hurt ourselves in the garden! I think a lot of therapists are practicing through health clubs here in the Algarve. I'm not sure what you need to do to get a licence to do this, but I'm sure there will be others along to tell you how they did it. Good Luck!

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