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Can anyone give me a name of a good health insurance in Portugal, preferably with english speaking people and english forms that have to be filled in. Thanks  

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Can anybody tell me if there is a McTimoney chiropractor in the Lagos-Luz area please?

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Hello everyone! I recently joined AngloInfo and did a search regarding my topic title. The results showed a discussions thread back in 2010 regarding Chris at Algarvemobility@hotmail.com. I sent Chris an email but it came back as a failed delivery. Does anyone know if Chris or algarvemobility is still around, or know of anyone else who might be able to offer info regarding disabled folk? Obrigado in advance!  

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Does anyone know where I can buy Lemongrass plants - think the biological name is  - Cymbopogon citratus. Thanks  

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I would like to find out what the possibilitys are here for respite care (Dementia) - the only british care home in the sao bras area is very expensive and too far away, we are in north central algarve - has anyone else come across a alternative?

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Hi, I am intending to have long stays in Portugal but will not be resident. Can anyone advise if I can use my S1 form to access the system.  What is the standard of  health system and how does it work?For example, costs involved and care for serious illness?  All information would be greatly appreciated.  

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Does anyone know where it is possible to buy a ladies wig in the Portimão area?

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Hi I am going to be in Olhao for a couple of weeks from the 13thJan. I need to recover from an accident so would like to find a gym and/or a personal trainer somewhere near. Any one have ay ideas? Thanks Alan

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I am retired and receive a UK State Pension and live near Faro. I need to take medication for high blood pressure and an eye condition. I submitted an S1 form to a local health centre have now got myself registered into the Portuguese national healthcare system. Before I achieved this I paid consultancy fees to 2 doctors and obtained prescriptions from them. Can I now get the tablets and eyedrops for these prescriptions from the state system at the local health centre or hospital without a lot more fuss and expenditure? Thanks.

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I am a kidney dialysis patient living in France. I am British subject but a French resident.. I hold an EHIC. Does anyone know if I am able to receive dialysis free of charge in the Algarve or would I be expected to pay like in the UK? Replies to countrymeadow@wanadoo.fr. Many thanks, Peter Edwards

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Hi all.I brushed my teeth this morning,and a large section just fell out !!!!!!!!!!! unfortunately it is my front tooth ,,,but not in the middle ,so can't rock the Madonna look.But I am going back to UK for 10 days does anyone know is it cheaper here or in UK to get dental work done.( it is my real tooth not a false or cap )

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Hi can anyone tell me if you can get your UK perscriptions filled over here .I am on life time medication for underavtive thyriod and also for anti -depressents  for next 6 months.I am moving to Algarve in DEC and need to know how to get my medication ............hope someone out there can help.............cheers   

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Can anyone give me an idea if there is such a place in the Algarve where you can but cheap/discounted paracetamol and ibruprofin etc? Perhaps even by mail-order? Thanks GML

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Can anyone give me an idea if there is such a place in the Algarve where you can but cheap/discounted paracetamol and ibruprofin etc? Perhaps even by mail-order? Thanks GML

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Preparing for winter- anyone know if there is a tanning salon in Lagos?

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Hi   Does anybody know if you can get statins over a pharmacy counter around Albufeira. My husband is prescribed them in the UK.   Thanks  

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An interesting article of general interest has been published by Rod on his popular blog: An Irishman's Guide to Golf on the Algarve . It shares his experiences with the medical system in the Algarve here: The Algarve Medical System    For more detail you can find added information inthe Information section too: http://algarve.angloinfo.com/information/healthcare/health-system/healthcare-for-foreigners/    

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Before I go and buy a new set. Does anyone have a set of Tanita BC543 or BC545 glass electronic bathroom scales with body fat analyser?

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Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Lagos? Thanks

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Look for the latest article by Dr. Krystov Bock. D.C. on his blog: Health Matters:    Vitamin D, Sunshine, Strong Bones, Preventing Fractures    

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