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Hello, I am looking for a shop that sells Epsom Salt. I want to make a detox bath recipe , but I have not been able to find it. Also baking soda, in large quanity. Thanks for your help. Jan

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Can anyone advise me where the zumba lessons are held in Boliqueime? I went to the sports centre last night but obviously I was in the wrong place. Drove around Boliqueime but everything seemed so quiet and no signs of anything going on. Any help appreciated. Thank you  

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Does anybody know of an english speaking hypnotist for stress management, relaxation?

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Can anyone recommend a good Podiatrist/chiropodist within 45 minutes of Vilamoura? Need an ingrowing toe nail sorted out.  

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Hello,          Just wanted you to know that after being looked after in my own home by these two proffesional registered nurses I can highly recommend them both. It is comforting and reassuring knowing that help is on hand at affordable prices, they are dedicated and trust worthy based in the Eastern Algarve and can be contacted anytime on--- eanursing@aol.com Josephine 915250334 Peter           911013219

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Constance is building up quite a following in the Lagos area for her blog Adventures in Lagos (and beyond)  Click here to see her latest article about the public Swimming Pool: View From Lane 6 Anyone seen her ploughing up and down the lane yet?  

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Hi All, How easy /difficult is it to register with a doctor at Lagoa Centro de Saude? Also can I get  medical cards for my wife and myself,we are retired but not of  pension age(mid fifties) Should we contact the Consulate in Portimao for the  best advice?  

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 I need a new hip, looking for advice.  Any readers had a hip replacement done here in the Lagos area?  Are you happy with the results? What kind of costs am I looking at?  Where did you go? Who should I avoid? I am in my 50's, I have had it with this  "hobbling about" and living on pain meds.  I am on the list to see a doctor from the Saude, that doesn't look like it will happen any time soon.  Looking into a good pirvate option but am new to Lagos and don't know the medical community.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I so want to run and jump and adventure again.

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Does anyone know of any walking groups in Alvor.  Also a reasonable priced fitness trainer in Alvor. 

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Hi, I am hoping to find a Reiki and Deep Tissue Massage practitioner in the Portimao area. Does anybody have any recommendations?  Thank you.

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Hi, Does anyone know of a raw dairy in the Algarve?  Thank you!

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Hi, My name is Jason 41yr old male fairly fit like to Hike and run and mountian bike mainly in the mountians to keep fit does anybody with the same interest fancy joining me on keeping fit. if anybody is interested drop me a email I'm based in Loule.

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I live close to Lagoa/Carvoeiro does anyone recommend a good general practitioner please

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Hi. At the moment myself and husband live in France.  We are hoping to move to the Algarve next year. My husband will be pension age next year....I am 4 yrs junior. So what happens with healthcare? Thanks in advance.

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Does anybody know of ant home care agencies in the Lagos area, I am coming out in October to look for an apartment and need there services. As I am spinally injured tetraplegic and confined to a wheelchair, my wife does it normally but now we need some help.   Any phone numbers or emails, recommendations will be helpful, thanks.

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This is for people out there suffering from Arthritus, backache, injury or in need of rehab after surgery, I can personally recommend, having had treatment myself, their services. They are fully qualified and operate from the pool at ' Complexo Desportivo de Alvor ' and their charges are very reasonable, for nearly the same price as a swim, you can have an hours treatment. On your first visit you will see a doctor who will asess your problems, and they work out a program for your specific requirements. All the exercises are done in the pool which makes it a lot easier. I personally have found them a great help with a knee problem that I have had for several years. Also they speak perfect English! Their contact details are: teresamandrez@gmail.com      andre_lota@hotmail.com Teresa Andrez 913473980 Andre Lota  969169660  

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Hi,does anyone know where I can join a ZUMBA Class or something similar near Albufeira,Olhos D,Agua area please,Thanks,

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Looking for a Zumba teacher to give a one off private lesson for a small group of 7-8 year olds. 

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I have recently become interested in Yoga and Pilates, does anyone know of where I can attend classes in the Algarve? Paul

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We are looking for a recommended chiropractor or osterpath plus a recommended beautician for facials and lastly a recommended masseur for deep muscle massage

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