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Hello everyone, My sister lives in Lagos and has just undergone extensive chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Lisbon for cancer of the osoephagus.She lives alone in Espiche and I live in France. I want to find out if there is any support groups out there that could help emotionally and possibly  financially until she gets on her feet. She is self-employed and although she has had excellent health care in Portugal, does nor appear to be able to get financial state support. She had thought of returning to Scotland where she worked and paid taxes for thirty years but evidently has to have an address for 6 months before before being eligble for state benefits, Because her small business was an Animal Rescue charity she has still many animals dependent on her for their survival and does not feel she can abandon them. Catch 22! We are doing our best as a family to help out financially but due to our own family committments are unable to get there as often as we would like.  Can anyone suggest a support organisation or if they live locally offter to visit? She can't eat as she has a tracheotomy and is fed through her stomach but a visit from someone to chat to would be wonderful as she is a vibrant, intelligent human being.  If you can help, please contact me through Angloinfo for her address and details or please sent me an email contact where I can talk to someone .  Thank You  Tara Kelly

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Has any expat ladies been pregnant and had their baby here in the Algarve? I am in two minds as to go through the whole public healthcare system here and go back to the Uk to have my baby . I am nearly 3 months pregnant. I cant afford to do it private. Can anyone explain what Portimao hospital is like regarding Obstetrics etc? And do they allocate you a midwife like they do back in the UK? : )

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Afternoon everyone. Can anybody please tell me if I need indemnity insurance to practise as a self-employed reflexologist/reiki master in Portugal. If so do you have any suggestions. I am contactable on 967488125 or 281 327 182. Many thanks.

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Hi, Does anyone know of a reasonably priced personal trainer in the Quarteira area please. Many Thanks Toni

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Hi, Does anybody know were I could find any martial art classes in the Loule area

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Please can anyone recommend a masseuse who does remedial therapy.

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Can anyone recommend a good salon in Loule for waxing? Or Quateira /Vilamoura but I don't want to pay silly prices. Thanks

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Can anyone tell me the cheapest place to buy prescription glasses. thanks in advance

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Hi I am having a higher risk than average to have retina detachment in the aye. As I am going to spend a couple of month on the Algave coast, I am searching information of aye treatment clinics, that in a worst case scenario can assist with aye surgery related to retina detachment.I will be staying near Lagos.I have before needed urgent examination. Then I was in Peniche. I went to the local hospital . They transported me to a hospital in Lisboa wihtin 2 hours, so that worked well.Tom

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Hi-- Can anyone recommend an English speaking OB/GYN, preferably in Loulé or in Faro?Thanks!

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Anywhere between Loule,Almancil and Albufeira.Must be reasonably priced,clean with modern equipment and a pool would be a bonus!! Recommendations welcomed.Also looking for Pilates classes..thanks

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Does anyone know of a company who hires treadmills and delivers to your home I live in the albufeira area.

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I was thinking of getting my teeth whitened. Does anyone know a reliable dentist that offers good prices...I know it's a lot to ask!! Thanks

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Hi,My wife has a plate screwed into her broken shoulder which will have to be removed in 12 weeks. We will be in Portugal at that time and wonder if it is possible to have it removed there on the NHS? Does any body know about it?

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hi ladies, i am looking for english speaking hairdresser in lagos or suprroundings. Do you know anyone , you can recomended?? cheers Agata

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Hi Everyone I am looking for an english speaking Mary Kay Comestic consultant in the Loulé area. Kind regards

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Experienced English mobile Hairdresser Albufeira Guia Area Call Suzy 966477168

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Can anyone give me info as to the quality of diabetes care in Portugal at the moment we are living in France, and while the treatment is ok it is not as good as the UK. What is covrered by the national health for example, we are thinking of moving to Portugal but are a little worried about health care. Mike

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Has anybody experience Cancer in Portugal,help,advice,treatment,any financial help available.Please e-mail with any advice or help.

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I have lots of items I need to sell. Having a clearout. All new, unopened, great quality high street brands & low cost. Mascara, Blush, Bronzer, Eyeshadows, Eye Liners, Lip Liners, Glosses, Nail Varnish, Brushes, Shimmers, False Eyelashes, Glass Nail Files, lots more... Please contact me via email for more info. Many thanks

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