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Hi, Just want to ask if anyone has same problem with allergy in Algarve ? Since few months , aspecially now when the weather is beautifull,all tress blooming, i got strong allergic reactions, blocked nose, attacks of flu, sneazing whole night, white ,red spots on the skin. I was adviced to take Aerius 5 mg tablets , when the alergic reaction starts. sometimes it helps, sometimes not, i am very tired of using nose drops and those tablets every day> Do you know any better cure?? Person who can advice what to do with it?? Thanks

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Im coming to the Algarve this winter and am Im wondering where ex pats get there hair cut in the Algarve. Is it difficult to find a good barber? Is there someone thats good that you would recommend?and Ladies? ...do you have any difficulty getting your hair cut the way you want it?Is the language barrier a problem. I would love to here any stories . Thanks ..Richard

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Can anyone tell me how to apply for a medical card please.

started by: NSLLP-750493 · last update: 1312362582 · posted: 1312316661

I am anxious to know if the treatment 'Victoza' is prescribed to any type 2 Diabetics in Portugal. I want to spend a few months in Portugal but cannot do so if this treatment, which is the only one I have been able to tolerate in the last 5 years, is not available. If anyone replies positively, is it available on the National Health or privately?

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Hi Could anyone tell me what the going rate for medical insurance is my husband and i have taken early retirement and have got cover untill january 2011 the the NHS but have been quoted over 5,000 euro for joint cover after that my husband is 59 i am 52 and i know when we reach pension age we will be coverd again with the NHS but need cover in between. what do other people do is there a cheaper option or do people do with out .

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Can anyone advise the costs of health cover in Portugal for an ex Pat who now lives in France but is considering a move to Portugal. I have spent the last few winters on the Algarve and find the climate suits me. I was thinking of the Altura / Villa Real St Antonio area. Any help would be appreciated Thank you

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Klapps SaunaFor sale approx 2m x 2m Glass door, seating, decking, sectional construction complete with electric heater, Heater controls thermostat, timer, thermometer.Good condition had very little use. uyer to collect. € 550.00 ono

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I would be grateful for any advice on how to get my Son registered Disabled here in Portugal, and how to go about getting his Blue badge renewed. Any advice on this would be great ! Regards Linda

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What's the process for giving blood in the Algarve? Or anywhere else in Portugal for that matter.

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Hi Could anyone recommend a good English speaking hairdresser in the Loulé/Almancil/Quarteira area? Cheers Helen

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Does anyone know of any Zumba classes held either in Tavira or short drive away please? Juliet

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Is it possible to buy anti - biotics over the counter in Portugal?

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anyone know of a good orthodontist/dentist in lagos please..............

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Evening, I have recently had my first gran mal siezure, after having a serious brain injury 4 years ago in Iraq. My wife and I were hoping to move to the algarve later this year, however are now not so sure. Has anyome there got any experience in this field they could pass on to us about suitability etc. Much appreciated Jocjo

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What parlours do people recommend.I've got tattoos already, but they were all done in England.

started by: isa56 · last update: 1266254752 · posted: 1266087684

hello i'm looking for a good dentist...so if you know one tell me.thank youisa

started by: JamesandDonna · last update: 1263558019 · posted: 1249986326

Hi All I will be arriving in Portugal in October to spend the winter period in warmer climates. I will be located in the Sao Bras area and will be offering Reflexology sessions. If your interested in a bit of self indulgence why not drop me an e.mail (jamesy_jam@hotmail.com) Hope to here from you soon. Regards James

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Does anyone have any information about whether there is a free home help service offered by the state????

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Does anyone know of a Chiropractor in the Algarve area thats English speaking please?.Many Thanks

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Hi I am three months pregnant now and have had a complete nightmare with the private and public health system here and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a contact for a midwife who is located between Portimao and Lagos. I live in Monchique and have been told that there is an english midwife who works in the Portimao hospital called Sean/Shawn/Shaun (not sure how to spell her name). If any one does have her contact details, i would really be greatful if you could pass them on to me. i know that there is a midwife called Karen Morgan but she is based quite far away from Monchique. Also if anyone has a good gynaecologist male or female, please let me know their details, as well as any help with anything concerning pregnancy here in the Algarve. I have already had 2 internal scans, less than 2 weeks apart, which cost 100 euro each, I am positive these were totally unecessary as there was nothing wrong in the first scan, and i think the second one was done just because I was there for an apointment to collect my smear test result. A french friend of mine said she ended up having 15 scans here in the algarve and was so disillusioned by all the gynaecologists and the healh system that she went back to France to have her baby. So if anyone has had a positive experince, please let me know, I´d really appreciate it. Also,Has anyone had a baby in Alvor Hospital? Would you recommend it? thanks! Nirali

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