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Hello, I am a freelance journalist/TV producer doing some research into the Portuguese healthcare system and I would really like to speak with any British expats that have had experience of having surgery in Portugal or who are about to have surgery in Portugal. From the people I have already spoken to the system sounds great and it seems to work much better than the one here in the UK. I am happy for people to email me their contact details and then I can call you back for a chat about your experiences. If you have any friends or family either working in the Portuguese healthcare system then please pass my research request on as it would be great for me to speak with as many people as possible. Please do not hesitate to email me on mariab@fftv.co.uk or call me directly on 00442074228253 and I can call you back. I look forward to hearing from you, Maria Banobre

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Has anyone come across yoga classes, of any style, in the Tavira area (I have tried to contact Crescendum Clinic via email, telephone and personal visit to no avail) and the gymnasium in the town centre lost their yoga teacher due to enlightenment in India!!!? Thanks Maxine

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Can anyone recommend a pilates class taught in English? I'm in Lagos. Thanks.

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Hi all, I wanted to know if anyone or just me having problems with the medical System in Portugal. I know the Portugese sometimes do, correct me if I wrong. I have lived in the Algarve for nearly three years now and the last two years have been waiting on the medical system for double Hip Operations, I am 33 and too young to have to have these already. I have been waiting for the operations at the hospital in portimao the Barlevento not private as can not afford them. Anyway i was Due my first op in September this year turned up and they told me the could not operate as they had no bed space. So I still wait for news but looks like at the moment they will not offer me the operations I desperately need to be able to walk, work and live a normal life. I have been for support from the Portugese and Uk and all the government here say is we will pay for a flight home for you. I get no benefits from anywhere and no support. Does anyone know any good available support here for free? Thanks

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hi everyone,can anyone tell me if there is an english speaking doctors surgery in the general area of castro marim?

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Does anyone know of any yoga classes going on...or tai chi or something similar?

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Has anyone heard anything about swine flu making it to Portugal?

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Are there any websites that cover running routes in Portugal? I know there are for England.Otherwise, can anyone recommend any routes that aren't too testing for a novice runner.

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Hi, My 26yr old son and I are hopefully moving to the Algarve end of August ( subject to finding accommodation ) I am on Thyroxin for under active thyroid,and my son is on Epilim for epilepsy. Whilst we get them free in the UK what is the state of play out there ? and how much do they cost ? Kind regards Linda

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I have several tattoos and have heard that they might fade badly in the sun? Is this true- do I need to put a really high factor on them to prevent damage?

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I have seen on Sky News that a case of swine flu has been confirmed in Portugal, but where exactly? They haven't said and I can't find anything saying where.

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Channel 4 in the UK are making a documentary, whereby they seek to explore the different experiences of dialysis patients waiting for kidney transplants in three different European countries. We will be following one patient in the UK, with whom we have already spoken, and are looking for two other British patients in two other EU countries.We are interested in raising many of the issues that affect people who wait for organ transplants, not least of which is legislation. We are looking to explore these issues among many others in this documentary, which recounts these human stories.If you are a British ex pat living in any EU country and are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, please contact Melissa on 0044 207422 8253 or email her on mariab@fftv.co.uk. We'll call you right back!

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Can anybody recommend a good (English speaking) Dentist in the Quarteira/ Loule/ Almancil area? Thanks

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Is there somewhere a good sauna in the Algarve?

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Has any one ever found Bonjela in Portugal? If so, where?!!?

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I read an article about the shortage of Doctors in the Algarve and how it does not attract new doctors to the area. Apparently, there is a real shortage here and it could get worse. I don't understand this, why do thousands of people flock here for holidays and to live here, yet doctors aren't attracted by it. Surely, the quality of life here outweighs the financial benefits? Anybody got an opinion on this?

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Hi, does anyone know of a good non rip off health insurance company on tha Algarve (or even elswhere)

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my wife always seems to et the flu after flying someone suggested she wear a mask but we are worried she may alarm other passengers what do you think

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I've run out of my vitamins from England. They seem really expensive here, anyone got any suggestions?

started by: nelson-742773 · last update: 1222674382 · posted: 1222674382

I need private health insurance, recommend a good cheap policy please someone.

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