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I need private health insurance, recommend a good cheap policy please someone.

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Can anyone recommend a dentist in the Silves area that speaks English. Thank you.

started by: jacknlucy · last update: 1217755573 · posted: 1217326258

We have some guests coming to stay and one of them has a nut allergy. Does anyone have the Portuguese equivalent of this or know what to look out for on food packages?

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Does anyone know of or can recommend an acupuncturist around Silves, Lagoa, Portimao area? Preferably a traditional Chinese trained one. Thank you.

started by: nikko-743185 · last update: 1214213350 · posted: 1213705833

Has anybody had the experience of going to an opticians here to have an eye test and new glasses? How much does it cost - roughly - and can you claim it against your tax?

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Now the heat is really on, anyone recommend a really good high factor suncream. Bearing in mind we are all cutting back right now, one that is not too expensive please.

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Does anyone know if there is a chinese herbalist in the Algarve anywhere? I bought some medicinal herbs in the UK and have the prescription and would like to get some more.

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What's the equivalent of a size 10 here in Portugal - for ladies clothes, anyone know?

started by: Twizzle-743177 · last update: 1207219922 · posted: 1207219922

I've run out of my supplies from England. Anybody know what to look for here in the pharmacies. Preferably one that doesn't make you drowsy.

started by: lisa-742875 · last update: 1207135580 · posted: 1207135580

If several of the Silves bombeiros ambulances are out of action, does this mean that it might be difficult to get transport in an emergency?

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I am looking to have a really good proffessional massage at a proper treatment centre is there one around, any recommendations please?

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ARHH it hurts!! Can anyone recommend a good dentist please. Need help fast.

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Re repeat prescriptions. My wife and I both have several repeat prescriptions. I get them free ( over 60 ) and my wife has a pre-payment certificate. What is the situation in Portugal regarding repeat prescriptions and prescriptions in general? We would also appreciate any information and /or advice regarding healthcare. We both have pre-existing conditions so how would that affect any private medical insurance? What about the Portuguese health service? Health costs and the standard of healthcare are our major concerns regarding moving to Portugal. We don't wish to be worse off financially or in terms of health provision.

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My wife is suffering with arthritis and degeneration in many of her joints. We have been considering moving abroad for several years and wondered if any athritis sufferers have moved to the Algarve and have found the warmer, dryer climate beneficial. We have to do something as the condition will only get worse and there is nothing the doctors can do.

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Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Faro?

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anyone know where I can find a Reike Master please

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