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Does anybody have any experience with how to change electricity supplier. I've been trying to switch from EDP to Galp (my gas is supplied by galp and I'm hoping for a better deal). I have an apartment in Alvor which is used for 6 months of the year only. The main reason I want to change is that I am charged for the six months when there is zero electricity usage (between €25 and €30 per month). I've tried to contact Galp, but I just keep getting automated replies. T

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Hi all, I am searching for a reliable and local English speaking Plumber in the area of Armacao de Pera.  I need two toilet cisterns replacing and the valves renewing.  So far have struggled to identify a local with required skills.  Recommendations most welcome - thank you.

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Does anybody know of a company that will clean jute mats (I think they are jute and can supply a photo) in the Alvor area. T

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Has anyone used Helder Martins in Loule for plumbing work?  We have had poor workmanship done by them and an adamant refusal to rectify the fault and we would like to take further action. We  would be interested in hearing from others who have used them.

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Hi, we're looking for any information about what type of generator could be used to power a 240v electric kiln? Also name of stockists on Algarve or an electrician that could help? We're in Salir region. many thanks

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Can someone recommend a reliable professional cleaning company who could come around and give an apartment a proper and thorough clean in the Albufeira area?Many Thanks 

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Can anybody recommend a hire place for a manual log splitter in the Odiaxere area, please?Thanks in advance.

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Recently, at home, we have observed a sharp bite from unknown, invisible pest. It also migrated to the bedroom where the sleep is often disturbed by the same offending pest´s sharp bite. If anyone experienced similar nuisance, sharing the experience and ways to exterminate the pest will be much appreciated. Thanks, Simon,  

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Hi you all, i know EDP used to be the main supplier back then - which company do you recommend me going with now that there are more suppliers and how quickly can gas & electricity be up & running? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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We are buying a house in the Alcantarilha are and will be needing a Builder/Plumber/Electrician, any recommendations would be  welcomed. JustM

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Hi you all, I need someone to thoroughly clean an apartment in Albufeira that has stood empty for a long time. I believe this would be a job for a professional cleaning company rather than a cleaning lady as special chemicals will need to be used to clean the bathroom properly etc etc.Can you recommend someone that is good value, is trustworthy and does an excellent job?Thank you in advance

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Hi.  I'm looking for any contractors, big business or independent contractors, that do work on thatch roofs.  Does anyone know of any located in the Algarve?  

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This forum is for discussing houses, furniture, gardens - anything to do with your living space - in the Algarve-----Forums Administrationalgarve.forums@angloinfo.com

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Hello all hope you can help! I have just moved to the Algarve and into a rented a property in Vilamoura for a 1 year contract and I am now being asked by the agent to wait in for all afternoon for a gas engineer to do a gas safety check on my property and I must pay him 50€ cash before work completed and to receive certificate.. I am two weeks into the contract and this is the girst I know of this so could anyone please advise us this the norm fir a tenant ? And not the landlords responsibility?Thank  you Gail

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Hi has anyone received their bill for August and September 2017 or do you know when they are due ?Many thanks for any InfoTony and Marcia

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"Little Missy" posted a question 7 years ago about this.   I am sure there is much more recent news and experience of installing Ground Source Heat Pumps.  Can anyone help? Simon

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Hi, I live in the Lagos area and would be grateful if someone could recommend a good washing machine repair person please. Many thanks

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Does anybody know where I could purchase large plastic sunflowers in the Portimão, Alvor, Lagos area?

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Hi I’m staying at marina park in Lagos and need a handyman to come over ideally tomorrow’? Can anyone help?

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Any info on were to go to buy new front and back doors having trouble finding them online been to Leroy but the wife wants something different .  Any info please Jim

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