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Website:http://www.piscatawaymovers.comAbout US Here at Clearwater PiscatawayMovers, moving is what we do best. Based on the happy return of many of ourclients, we seem to do it well! The local knowledge, combined with ourprofessional reputation, country-wide certifications and personal service makeus the movers that you can trust to get your possessions safely from Point A toPoint B and even Point C. Sure, there's more than one Piscataway mover, butnone knows New Jersey like we do.We’re Located right in Piscataway and we don’t sub contract out any partof your move. You will be working with Clearwater Piscataway Movers throughoutyour entire moving process. Just give us the details and we will give you theprice. No changes. No taking back the appraisal and unquestionably, nosurprises. Get a quote today, sit back, relax and enjoy the move!

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