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Does anybody have any experience with how to change electricity supplier. I've been trying to switch from EDP to Galp (my gas is supplied by galp and I'm hoping for a better deal). I have an apartment in Alvor which is used for 6 months of the year only. The main reason I want to change is that I am charged for the six months when there is zero electricity usage (between €25 and €30 per month). I've tried to contact Galp, but I just keep getting automated replies. T

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Verinia 1455284270


I haven't done it personally, but there is some useful information here:


The ERSE page is in English


There is a simulator in Portuguese, but it isn't too difficult to work out.

Let me know how you get on as I'm hoping to do the same myself!

peteknopp 1455284993

I think all suppliers will charge a 'standing charge' of anything from 20 to 25 a month just for privaledge of being connected.

Tomohawk-750355 1455285450

Thanks peteknopp.


If they would take the trouble to engage with me, I could confirm that.


However, nearly €20 was charged in January as my "estimated usage", so I want this to stop. A small standing charge is acceptable.


Tomohawk-750355 1455285516

Thanks Veriniaz,

I tried ERSE and they are useless. Did not help at all.


Tomohawk-750355 1455285590


alres 1455289866

Have you already visited your EDP shop?  Bring your contract, bill and current meter reading and explain the situation.  I've done this in the past and they were oblidging.

Every month you can go online and send your meter readings. EDP will take not of this in your billing. With actual readings (in your case no or little usage) your bills should change.  You can do this by visiting the EDP website https://www.edp.pt/pt/particulares/apoioaocliente/Pages/FormularioComunicacaoLeituras.aspx  and using the information from your latest invoice.

If you have trouble understanding the Portuguese language, ask someone to explain this form as it's really simple.

Hope this helps.

Tomohawk-750355 1455290413

Thanks Alres

But wouldn't you think that Galp would engage with me? I'm trying to give them my business, but they just can't be bothered. Very frustrating!!!!


alres 1455299977

One thing I have learned is to let go of expectations and accept the Portuguese way of doing business.  Do I enjoy it? No!  But it keeps me sane and healthy! :)


Sam-Jewel-1013614 1638756745

Couldn't believe this issue is still around today. What areas are you guys are?



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