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Hi   I'd like to build a block of 4 timber framed stables on my land. I have all the plans etc but I'd like to know how long any planning I need will take to be approved. Is it even likely to be approved? The stables would go on half an acre behind my house. They will have to go on a concrete base.   thanks   xx


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Hi As usual it will depend in which council you come under, and do you have neighbours who would object ?

If you need more help please feel free to contact me

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Its one of those questions no one can answer.  Our friends waited 2 years for their planning to be approved, on the other hand our neighbours only waited 6 mnths.


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Hi, we built some timber stables 2 years ago and are really pleased with them.  we looked at the various options and found a company in the UK that built and transported the sections at a very good price.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in coming to see ours (near Lagos)

Best wishes


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Thanks for the replies


we have only fields around us with neighbours not overlooking, so doubt they will object but I will check.

 Anna, how long did it take you to get planning? was it tricky? We are in Loule :) I'm looking at using the stable company, maybe it is the same as you?

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Hi now i know the area try Guido Wanner in Soa Bras, it is an amazing timber merchant, who also build, there is a nice guy there called george who speaks english, could be worth a quote.

If you have no neighbours apart from the concrete base the rest is a non permanent construction.

If you would like some help with info i have a number for a Portuguse lady who is brilliant, and worked in the land registry in Loule.

Hope this helps and good luck

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