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Hello, We are new to the algarve and looking to but a new kitchen. The only shop we know is IKEA over in Spain or Lisbon. It seems that a lot of people have them made here. Does anyone know of shops where we can buy a kitchen or advice about having one made by a carpinter?  


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There are a few on the e125 close to vilamoura.

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We had ours made as part of the house build by a local carpenter and it's lovely. The plinths in between the cupboards are made of brick and the doors are in pine. He even built a door for the integral fridge. It's as cheap if not cheaper an option than buying one and supports a man to continue his trade. But, it's hard to get hold of integral fridges and dishwashers  and they are very expensive, you might need a little Portuguese, depending on the carpenter and it may be hard to find a local one.

There is a modern kitchen shop near Algarve shopping, in the Maxmat bit of it on the left, as you approach Maxmat who do smart fitted kitchens, I've forgotten the name. Failing that, Leroy and Maxmat does them, or else you'll have to wait until next year for IKEA, Loule!


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Sorry you don't mention where about you are located.

Leroy Merlin in Guia (Central Algarve) has a good selection of kitchens. Price and quality is quite comparable with Ikea. They also install. There are kitchen shops/warehouses in the industrial zone in Olhão (East Algarve) where you can buy flatpacks. Their prices are attractive and some of these shops also install.


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I've just had a new kitchen installed in my apartment in Vilamoura. It was bought at Leroy Merlin in Guia and they have an excellent choice of units, worktops, sinks, taps etc. Yes they do install too. What I must stress is my kitchen was installed and project managed by a local English builder from Paderne who I cannot fault for workmanship and attention to detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He even accompanied me to Leroy Merlin to advise on the planning and purchase.

I can send you pictures  

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Thank you for all your help. Any contacts for good builders near Loule, would be much appreciated. Thanks for the replies.

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That's great, I will take a look around there. Thanks

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I've sent you an email.

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give Anton a call on 917 298 020. i am sure there are others on here that can recommend him too.

he can take care of all aspects. 



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Hello. And what about kitchen countertop and table? Is it real to build these items by myself?

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Hello Peter! It all depends on your kitchen design in general. Personally I prefer wood, of course such material have pros and cons, but for example solid wood with a finish will be good and durable. Main benefit is that I can do such work by myself, because I'm a fan of woodworking. I recently bought router table plate from and it is very useful tool!

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