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Recently, at home, we have observed a sharp bite from unknown, invisible pest. It also migrated to the bedroom where the sleep is often disturbed by the same offending pest´s sharp bite. If anyone experienced similar nuisance, sharing the experience and ways to exterminate the pest will be much appreciated. Thanks, Simon,  


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Hello, My wife had the same thing but it was a longish centipede thing allthough not invisible it shot across the bed at the speed of light I have never seen anything move so fast. I do not know the name of it but we had to check the bed every hour after that. 1444150887

Thank you for the response.

However, the offending pest we can´t see. The bite could originate in the socks we wear, it could be in the bed, could be in living room, trying to see what is, so far, to be unavail.

Flea is considered a possibility.



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possiibly flea, especially if you have pets, or walk in rural areas, leaves a small pink round bite.

treat your animals\ rugs etc and they'll soon be gone, ciconit oil, neem oil, diluted and sprayed will fet rid of them

Could also ne mosquito, in fact the most likely, the bite is more raised and can be very itchy., typically start biting at dawn and duxk, often you hear the high pitched whining noise they make

Mosquito nets, screens on windows , keep them out, plug ins and natural traps kill them, some plants , geraniums etc keep them away.

The millipede, , the size of an eyebrow, is possible,, but not very likely, most don't bite people

Its big brother, about 6 inches long is m Megarian banded centipede (also possible, but the bite feels like an electric shock\ bee sting 1444204867

Thank you for the response, I like to try  the solution presented.

Would you know the name of the oils you recommended in the local market, Portugal.

Thanks again,

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Do you know how to get rid of the Mengarian banded centipede, Seaview? I have found three of them in my house this year and they scare the beejesus out of me.

Thanks in advance,


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I agree with you you totally about Mengarian banded centipede. They are the only thing that really frightens us too! Problem is they appear unexpectedly and in the strangest places and I think the best defence is really just checking your trousers, your bed, your shoes  etc, especially during the wetter moths or after it's rained. Their habitat is deep dark places under stones generally like the scorpion, but if you do encounter one, it's best to capture it and either take it far away from the house or kill it as its  bite can put you in hospital and take a long time to heal.  It's hard in old houses to seal everything up, but obviously they have to come in somewhere, so we put rolled up rugs under the door etc . We have found you have to move quickly and we use a long handled dustpan and brush. If you do kill it, be careful, it's very fast . Tr not to lose sight of it!  We chopped the head off a 10 ins long centipede once and it was still wriggling 24 hours later. Horrible!

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Thanks for the reply Verenia!  Am not feeling any better but at least I know I have a reason to be afraid. :)

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Kissing bug is pretty common culprit when it comes to bed bites. They target soft parts of our body, that being said, the lips.

- Sam,

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