Portugal's subsidy system problem.

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Hello Angloinfo, and good day.I live in Portugal currently and have done for a while, but after a few years break I returned to start cleaning the land after these years and when I went to talk to the subsidy office they showed me the land on google maps and on it there were boundaries drawn to show my land and my neighbor's land side by side. but the problem is that he has since moved the decleration of the size of his land to now occupy at least 100 more meters of our land and is supposedly claiming money on it without working the land or any of his.I do not know what to do as another person I spoke to said he might if he has claimed for a few years be entitled to take full ownership of this new piece he has been earning subsidies for.He has broken water infrastricture that used to feed our land and denied us access to the river's flood system which every year has flooded and destroyed machinery of ours and our year's crops.


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