Reconnecting Gas & Electricity

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Hi you all, i know EDP used to be the main supplier back then - which company do you recommend me going with now that there are more suppliers and how quickly can gas & electricity be up & running? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Livrey1i 1460538265

Hi Daffodil,
EDP is still the main supplier. Gas and Electricity were de-regulated starting in 2013 to allow for more competition and, in theory, market pressure to keep the prices lower. Before that prices were fixed by a government-run organization called ERSE. EDP spun off a part of its organisation into a unit called EDP Comercial to compete against new suppliers, big companies such as Endesa and Iberdrola, both Spanish. The market was fully de-regulated in 2015.

There has been price competition and all suppliers have been offering 5-10% discount on existing bills to sign up with them. There is not a lot of difference in terms of overall service if you are with the larger suppliers. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the same thing has happened as with the de-regulation of the telephone services. The infrastructure all still belongs to EDP. So, in order to supply you, the other players have to "buy" space on the cables etc. of the main EDP organization. If anything goes wrong then the maintenance service responsibility still lies with EDP and you pay them via your supplier.
There are service level agreements in place but this has put many people off making the change.

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These days EDP is fast and more organized.

Daffodil85 1460624296

Hi all, EDP doesn't supply gas to the Albufeira region (yet) and I found out I will need to go with the existing supplier that supplies the whole condominium. This will be set up over the next few days - for electricity, I went to an edp store and they were beyond helpful and friendly! Thank you for your help

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I know this is really an old post. But I just find it interesting, you would be needing to incorporate the power system to the gas.

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