Washing Machine Repairs Recommendation Please - Lagos Area

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Hi, I live in the Lagos area and would be grateful if someone could recommend a good washing machine repair person please. Many thanks

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jose cc 1515959799

hello my name is jose and I do this type of work what is the problem of your machine?

Wendy-Dochanty-919283 1515962644

Hello Jose, thank you for your response, much appreciated. The washing machine shakes around a lot on the spin cycle, like the drum is loose. 

jose cc 1515963800

the machine is level?if it is, it could be some problem with the springs or shock absorbers, stay with my number and call tomorrow 967881727

Wendy-Dochanty-919283 1515964677

I'm in the UK until Tuesday so could you please tell me if you might be able to come to see the machine on Wednesday? Many thanks

jose cc 1515965468

yes give a ring  then and text me the address please

Wendy-Dochanty-919283 1516007470

Jose, do you mind me asking if it is the shock absorbers roughly how much it will cost to repair and how long it will take? Very many thanks!

jose cc 1516095294

Wendy, can you send the address again please, I was looking for it at the map does not show me this place the postal code is correct?

Wendy-Dochanty-919283 1516096263

Hi Jose, the apartment is on Boavista Golf Resort, just outside Lagos. And the address is Apartado 71C, Avenida do Atlantico, Quinta da Boavista, 8601-906 Lagos.  Hope this helps.

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