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I have a swimming pool that doesn't get used in the winter months, i did read about a company who can heat you pool up all year round for a Euro a day, any information on them.

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Hello there. Have loads of chestnuts does anyone know apart from roasting how I can cook or preserve them?

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This years basil plants, which I bought at market, are just about over. if I want to grow from seed whan should I plant for next year please?

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Hi, does anyone have experience of swapping a UK standard 3-pin plug for a Portuguese 2-pin plug on electrical equipment bought over from the UK, in order to avoid use of adapters?? If so, how do you work out polarity or doesn't it matter? Where's the best place to buy spare 2 pin plugs?? Any info gratefully received. Thanks.

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A friend of mine from Spain has just bought a set of merino wool bedding. Undercover and throw and pillows. Not woven blankets its just like a sheep's fleece apparently. They say they are most restful nights sleep in years. Can you get them here, has anyone got them are they really that good. sleepless baba

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I have friends who have just bought and need a complete set of furniture they only want cheepo for letting, is there anyone who does a package?

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Can anyone recommend a place to buy good quality artificial flowers in Albufeira please?

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Does anybody know how to retrieve messages from a landline phone. What is the the number to dial and then what do you do as there are usually several options?

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Anyone know where, in this region, we can buy hard wearing cork floor tiles, thanks.

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I have an old olive tree in my garden and would like to know know old it is approximately. Is there a way of doing this - it is 200 centimetres in circumference if that helps.

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Are the sheets and Quilt cover sizes the all same here as in UK please. I bought some over with me and they do not fit my new beds and quilts. They all say kingsize.

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My husband and I are considering buying a holiday home in the Algarve with a view to maybe moving over permanently at some point. Can someone recommend a real estate agent? Or advise me on areas that would be good to buy in? Thanks.

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I need a plumber who speaks some English as I am still on a learning curve with Portuguese. Not a big job of work, could anyone recommend please.

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I love white towels and bed linen but sometimes it is a pain, this time a guest has gotten black eye makeup on towels. My normal powder has not removed all the marks any ideas please.

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Normally I would give white cotton a good hot wash to try to remove this coffee stain. However the duvet cover its on has a lace trim that is not 100% cotton. Any advice please I love this bed linen and its no good as it is.

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I am always running out of milk and right now its a problem as I am not to mobile. I have never used longlife milk is it ok and how long does it keep?

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Hi I have just purchased a house in Villamoura. It needs renovating , can you recommend a good english speaking builder please?

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Where can I buy allergy free pillows. The type that are good for people with Asthma.

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I am fond of these Roman design folding wooden chairs and have been looking for a place that sells them. Does anyone know where I can find them?

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I am in the middle of redecorating the house and am after some new furniture. Can someone advise me on the best home stores to visit? Pref. around Albufeira. Thanks.

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