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I want to change the colour of the outside of my home, will I need planning permission or anything?

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Can anyone suggest a reputable builder covering the Algarve area? Our house needs some minor renovation. Thanks.

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We have a great gas BBQ and use it almost everyday at this time of year. The only downside is the amount of cleaning it needs. We clean it every time we use, and I am using the royal we as hubby does it. Is there some miracle product that will make this task easier?

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I love my garden which has lots of pots and different coloured gravel One problem local cats seem to think its one big litter tray!! I spray lemon juice which has been good, however I think they may be getting used to it as its not keeping them away so much. Is there anything else I could use? would not want to hurt the moggies just keep them out.

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saw a posting about "green" cleaning products so thought we might all share our homemade ones, if we have them. My gran gave me this one. WINDOW CLEANER1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon liquid detergent3 tablespoons vinegar2 cups waterspray bottle Put all the ingredients into a spray bottle, shake it up a bit, and use as you would a commercial brand. The soap in this recipe is important. as it cuts any wax residue from commercial products that may be on the glass lets have a few more ideas please.

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I put a microwave dish in the microwave to heat some sauce and when i turned it on sparks flew round inside it. I turned it off straight away, is it broken or what.

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Want to be kind to my septic tank. Where can I buy eco friendly cleaning products in Lagos.

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Our drains stink. i,ve tried pouring boiling water down them and drain cleaner but its just the same. any advice please.

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I need a little help here. I have friends who want to move from Spain but they are wary of talking to and dealing with house agents. This is because of the bad experience they have had in Spain, lots of untruths told and they felt very mislead. Can anyone tell me there view, don't want horror stories just a general view on if you feel they act with integrity. Not looking for recommendation's either as I know my friends will want to decided for them selves.

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For beds, mattresses, linen, towels, etc. you should try Justwhite in Almancil. They deliver free and are really helpful. Their full catalogue is online at www.justwhite.com

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Hi, I have a small garden and would like any advice on alternatives to lawn in Portugal, what do people put instead of the traditional green grass? All help kindly appreciated. Andrea

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I have a tree that needs chopping down, any recommendations please.

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