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Just purchased a duplex in Vila Sol and looking for some help with finding a cleaner for initial blitz, also suggestions on buying TV/sofa/table & chairs? any suggestions thanks

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Dear All. Unfortunately my father has been diagnosed with an illness which requires extensive medical treatment and as such he will require someone to care for him during this time, treatment is 6 months and after care another couple. I am looking for a house to sit during this period, ideally close to Lagos. My various skills means I can take care of general maintenance, building and decorating, prepare the house for showing should you have a home for sale, take care of the garden ect.Any help or suggestions welcome.Many thanks.

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I am looking for anyone who would be interested in renting out accommodation over the winter months in the Quarteira area, where I am due to start a job in September 2017. I am in my thirties, would only require accommodation for myself and will provide character references. If you are interested, please contact me at richardjarrett522@gmail.com and I will supply further contact details. Many thanks, Richard Jarrett

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hi all i am looking to buy a shower head that increases its power , working off of a low pressure water . tks ray

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Hi all i want to change my kitchen doors  with a more modern door is there any one that sells kitchen doors to re fittks ray

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Professional couple looking for long let (12 months) starting 15 March 2017. Albufeira to Lagos area, apartment/town house, 1-2 bedrooms (2 people only), well furnished.Non-smokers, no pets. References available on request.

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Hi there. Can anyone please advise. Due to my infrequent visits the tiles and grouting on my apartment terrace are starting to get harder to clean with just soap, water and a good scrub. There are loads of products in the diy / builder stores that are for tiles however trying to buy the right product that restores tiles and grout back to as best condition as possible without being able to translate with confidence is proving a challenge. Can anyone recommend the name of a  portugese product or two to use please. Many thanks. Steve.

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Can anybody recommend a hire place for a manual log splitter in the Odiaxere area, please?Thanks in advance.

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We are buying a house in the Alcantarilha are and will be needing a Builder/Plumber/Electrician, any recommendations would be  welcomed. JustM

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Hi, We are setting up home here in the Algarve and are looking for the best way of getting TV, Internet and phone in our house, it seems to be a minefield out there so any recommendations would be great.JustM

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We are in the process of buying a property but the survey says that it needs demolishing - either completely, or just the inside structure which would then be pinned to the facades. We are having great difficulty finding anyone who will give us an estimate for this; we know we need to have an architect - engineer project approved in order to get finite costs but before we pay out €12,000 for the project, we would like to know more about demolition costs and re-build. Also looking for a valuation of the land now that we know the property has to be demolished.  Would be grateful for tips or contacts asap. Thanks!  Has anyone else done this? Looking at pensao size rather than just a house. 

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Could anybody give me a personal recommendation for the above, please?  Possible simple plumbing job to install new taps in the bathroom, etc.  English-speaking would be preferable.  I have looked at the Directory but cannot find anybody obviously in this area.Thanks in advance

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We are considering a move to the Algarve from Spain. Is it normal for villas to have mains water or is it bore holes or wells. We are looking about 10 mins inland from Vilamoura/Albufeira.

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Hi there, does anyone know someone English-speaking who can fix old shutters? The mechanism seems to be jammed up so need someone to come around and fix this old blind. Thanks in advance

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I don't know if anyone else has had this problem with Radio Popular" I bought a small television under a year ago for our apartment after about 10 months it stopped working blank screen. I took it back to them and expected a new one or money back. They sent it to repairers as it was still under the warranty and was amazed at their response They said the repair was not down to them as it was a broken screen, it did not have a scratch anywhere on it. They said a repair would be €150.00 and it was not their fault. I cannot do anything except not shop there any more. Would appreciate any comments, perhaps I am expecting to much but do not like being ripped off. Happy Christmas.

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My partner and I are re-locating from London to the Algarve.We are trying to find a flat rental for one year whilst we property-hunt. Weare bringing most of our stuff (principally books), but leaving furniture inour London flat. We are looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful with two orthree bedrooms, ideally in the town of Faro (Se e Sao Pedro) but possibly Lagos or anothertown. Ideally the flat will be partially or fully furnished. Can anyone recommend an estate agent, or know someone with a suitableproperty? Would be grateful for suggestions. Looking to move ASAP. Thanks, David

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Hello,Iam looking for someone to soundproof a ceiling in Quarteira + acouple of small repairs. Doyou know anyone you could recommend speaking some english or french? I suppose you can answer either on this forum or by PM.Thankyou.MD

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I'm hopeful that one of the knowledgeable gardeners here can help. I'm being bombarded daily by an inset - hornet or wasp - that seems quite aggressive when I'm moving some cat food bowls and potted plants in my garden. The insect is apprx 1 1/2" to 2" long and has a deep orange red stripe near its stinger that takes up 1/3 of its body. I'm wondering if this is a European Bell Hornet, but cannot find a photo that is equal to what's visiting my garden. Any ideas?

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