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Hi. We have recently bought our villa in Bela Vista, Lagoa.  We are thinking of having a pool in our back garden. I understand the tax is high for constructing a pool. However, I have been told that above ground pool or partially above ground pool is exempt from tax. Would love to hear any advice on both and any suggestions. Look forward to receive your coments. Sherry :-)

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I am looking for a local handyman .I need someone that is happy to do dome small jobs around the house.I have not had much success finding anyone who's happy to do small jobs.

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garden needing clearing near lagos

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I am buying a house with galvanised pipes, intending to replace all plumbing.   This inevitably means replacing bathrooms, kitchen tiling to some extent.   This seems to have been common practice in the 80s and 90s. they are all cemented in as well.  the builder has had a look and assures me it can all be redone (at a price).  I feel slightly nervous about it and wondered if anyone else had experience of this.  Any advice much appreciated 

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Does anyone have packing boxes, packing paper (old newspapers), bubble wrap going spare?  I'm coming out on Wednesday 12 October, at short notice, to pack the few remaining things in my villa before the sale is completed.  I will be in the Mexilhoeira/Portimao/Alvor area.  Donations or recommendations for where I can buy these items will be most welcome.

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Hi , Has anyone any suggestions for shopping for house furniture, I need bedroom, sitting room , dining room and terrace furniture, Preferably from the one store? Ive looked at a few but some of the prices for terrace Ratlin furniture are sky high. Want to start from scratch and hopefully new stuff if possible and a delivery service form the shop as well. Appreciate any suggestions 

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I am looking for personal recommendations for a horologist, specifically for antique clocks, in the Lagos/Odiaxere area please.  Would be very grateful if you can help!

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Does anybody know where I can get headboards made for 2 single beds. Wall mounted. Western Algarve.

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Who knows of a place (farm, woodland, large property, whatever) where I can park my new-build THOW? At least during inpection and interior construction, or maybe longer? Power supply would be great too, but is not a killer. When finished we will go travelling, and ultimately back to UK.On a related note: Who knows of a crane operator to take off the house (off the truck), and then back on? It is removable, indeed :-)Thanks for any info you can provide

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Hi all, I am searching for a reliable and local English speaking Plumber in the area of Armacao de Pera.  I need two toilet cisterns replacing and the valves renewing.  So far have struggled to identify a local with required skills.  Recommendations most welcome - thank you.

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Hello, Can anyone help please. I need to get some wood cut to a specific size. I am looking for a woodworking workshop in the Lagos area (preferably with an english spoken)ThanksJim

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Hello  does anyone know if there is a hire all shop in Portimão ot Lagos, need a pressure washer, any help much appreciated.  Gary

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Signed up with Meo for broadband/ tv /phone, should have been at 9.30 this morning to sort it but didn't arrive, when we phoned to find out what was happening they told us we can't have what we signed up for some technical reason. We are in Conceicao de Tavira, does anyone know if there's anyone else we can try please. Vodafone don't have anything in Tavira. Thanks :)

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Hi - my mother was given a Carrefour HMC9000AMD-14 some while ago but has never used it as there was no user manual.  I think it was bought in Spain but she lives near Odiaxere and I am in the UK.I have searched the Internet, but so far have only found somebody trying to find the same thing.Can anybody help with a link to an online manual, or a hard copy, please?  I would be very grateful.ThanksSally

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I recently reconnected gas in my apartment and was not issued with a gas safety certificate (which apparently needs to be done when reconnecting) as the old boiler failed the carbon monoxide test. I was told that I need to invest in a expensive ventilated boiler and that anything else would not pass the test. The boiler works fine and the hot water runs smoothly - but the boiler dates back to the 90s so it could do with replacing. My question is now: would an electric boiler not do the job just fine? At Leroy Merlin you can get cheap-ish ones for less than €200.- whereas a ventilated boiler costs close to double.Thank you for the help!

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Hello, Does anyone know where I can rent a painter's step ladder?  The walls are 12 feet high and I need to safely reach the top.  Maybe there is some sort of portable scaffold available?  Thanks Kathleen

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Can anyone recommend an agency, estate agent or an owners website for long-term rental properties in the Algarve Region? Initially, looking at a rental period of between 9 to 12 months. Steve.

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Hi you all, I need someone to thoroughly clean an apartment in Albufeira that has stood empty for a long time. I believe this would be a job for a professional cleaning company rather than a cleaning lady as special chemicals will need to be used to clean the bathroom properly etc etc.Can you recommend someone that is good value, is trustworthy and does an excellent job?Thank you in advance

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Hi you all, i know EDP used to be the main supplier back then - which company do you recommend me going with now that there are more suppliers and how quickly can gas & electricity be up & running? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Hi you all, i am looking for someone who is trustworthy and reliable (and charges reasonable fees) to do some repairs & potentially even modernization in my flat in the district of Albufeira. Things that need to be done first and foremost: New windows & shutters - fixing of a door - some paint work. Bigger modernization project: new kitchen & new bathroom (but all depends what it costs and may not do it in the end).  Can you recommend someone please?

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