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Hi you all, i am looking for someone who is trustworthy and reliable (and charges reasonable fees) to do some repairs & potentially even modernization in my flat in the district of Albufeira. Things that need to be done first and foremost: New windows & shutters - fixing of a door - some paint work. Bigger modernization project: new kitchen & new bathroom (but all depends what it costs and may not do it in the end).  Can you recommend someone please?

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Can someone recommend a reliable professional cleaning company who could come around and give an apartment a proper and thorough clean in the Albufeira area?Many Thanks 

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We have decided to discontinue our contract and sell on the equipment. Am looking for some advise on what the systems are worth.1 set comprises of 2 cameras, 2 window sensors, 1 indoor control pad, 1 outdoor pad,alarm and 2 fobs.1 set has 1 camera and 1 sensor plus pads, alarm and fobs.The system is 3 years old, very good condition.Any and all advise would be appreciated.thank you

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I am seeking some good quality top soil (prefeably without too many stones!)   Can anyone recommend or supply and deliver between Silves and Messines ?

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Hi,Looking for a replacement mattress for my sofa bed.Location in Loule areaThanks in advance

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My husband I have recently bought a very small property in Ohao which is tired and in need of renovation. We would like to project manage so would need tradesmen that have basic English. First of all we are wondering what we might expect to pay (a daily rate) for: -  ~ an electrician ~ a plumber ~ a plasterer ~ a floor tiler ~ a carpenter And does anyone have any recomendations for such tradesmen in this area who you have used successfully? I would appreciate any advice/wise words. Kind regards Wendy

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My friend has just bought a plot of land a few Kilometres from Tavira , and looking for some builders to give him some quotes. Does anyone know of a good builder? Thank you.

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Wanted: table tennis table and/or badminton set (including nets/posts, etc),  please get in touch.  In Sao Bras Alportel area, can collect.  Many thanks. 

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I'm looking for 2 headboards for single beds. They would need to be of the type that is fixed to the wall. Are there any websites where I can have a look before buying? T

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Hi, we've just bought an apartment in Cabanas and need to furnish it, any advice/ info on where to buy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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Where can I buy Heavy Duty weed killer, Paderne/Albufeira area if poss? Cheers.

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We are buying an apartment in Tavira which we must furnish. How do we find second hand furnishings. People come and go all the time. How do we find people who want to sell? Are there charities which sell furnishings? Thank you for any leads. All the best, Carol

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Hi, I wondered if anyone can recommend an architect in/near Tavira who speaks good English? We want to build a new but old-looking quinta, so someone with a feel for creating an old, rustic look on a new build would be perfect. Thanks!

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Hi, Has anyone any experience of this UPAC solar system that seems to balance what power you use with what your panels produce? Came in Feb last year apparently. Seems a cheap way of using solar power with access to EDP when you need a bit more. I would be interested in hearing how best to utilise solar power on very  a low budget! thanks

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Does anybody have any experience with how to change electricity supplier. I've been trying to switch from EDP to Galp (my gas is supplied by galp and I'm hoping for a better deal). I have an apartment in Alvor which is used for 6 months of the year only. The main reason I want to change is that I am charged for the six months when there is zero electricity usage (between €25 and €30 per month). I've tried to contact Galp, but I just keep getting automated replies. T

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Hi we have suffered MEO's internet for 2 years now, it's rubbish !!! does anyone know of another internet provider here in Portugal? all we want is internet no phones... Thanks.

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Hi all, Anyone need a property question answered whether buying or selling please post in  this topic, I am currently employed in Real Estate. Prefer to keep it public rather than private messaging so we can also help others who just wanna read the replies. N.B. Not self promoting so will not be publically promoting the Real Estate agency I work for, this forum was my bible when first moving to the Algarve, so only right I give something back for free!!! 

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Dear All We have recently bought a little property on the island of Armona. Does anyone know what the options are for accessing wifi on the island? We would like to be able to watch TV on our laptop for example and use the internet freely. How does it work and what does it cost? We'd be grateful for some advice. Many thanks Wendy    

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Be aware, you can longer buy anywhere in Europe any pesticides, weedkillers, palm beetle traps and pheremones and such like chemicals from any garden centre without a qualified licence. The implications of this will be far reaching especially for ex-pats. The knock on effect could be a massive loss of the palm trees, which have all ready suffered greatly, and not to mention the prolific weed growth which will dry out in the summer and pose a greater fire risk. The only way to buy the relevant chemicals now is to go on the course, and get a licence to buy the chemicals, which has been set up for this purpose, but sadly only done in Portuguese!    What I'm suggesting if anybody has any information on this subject, we should get together and try to organise a course that could be run for English speaking people. I know that it's a long shot, but I don't have any other suggestions. If anybody knows better that what I've so far been told, then I welcome your comments or remarks. Raymond  

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