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Hi Everyone  can anyone help we have a rental property in vilamoura and need a good, honest, reliable cleaner for when we have renters, also someone who can do the key handling when the client arrives.  Someone with good English is obviously preferable. Thanks In Advance  Amanda X 

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I'm from Canada so I 'm used to keep my aloe vera plants indoors and I would like to buy similar ones here. I live in an apartment, so my space is limited. Where from can I buy some in the Alvor area? Thank you

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Hi  where can I find good headboards but not too expensive padded is the preference and that attach to the bed, I have a Zip link so two singles for when the bed is separated, I'm in Vilamoura, thanks X ????

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Does anyone know of a company that buys unwanted furniture?

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can anyone help the freezer part of our upright has stopped working but the fridge is fine, all our food is ruined, we need a repairer who can speak English and won't rip us off, please help ????

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Hi,  Has anyone any experience of meter an indoor electric meter to outside of house so that meter readings can be done monthly without access to the house.  I have been disconnected because EDP hasnt read the meter for six months.  Annoying and only way to avoid this happening again is to re locate the meter to ouside of house.  EDP will do the actual move, but have said I need to get an electrician to "do the preparation work".  Not sure what that means.  But there is already a box for the water meter on my outside wall.  Any one suggest somebody that can do this or have a similiar experience they want to share.  Thanks.

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We were wondering if anyone knows of a reliable painter and decorator who works in and around Alvor in the Western Algarve. We need our apartment redecorated and would like to do this in the next two months. Many thanks

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Hi, we have done Leroy Merlin to death :) can anyone recommend where else we can get floor and wall tiles ??      Also a Double Glazing company that does not charge the earth !!   Albufeira areas. many thanks   :)

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I am living in Helsinki but would like to take a long lease on a appartment for one year or take over a villa for some one. Contact me by email Neil.Smee@gmail.com.. I can swap my home in Helsinki too, up for ideas. Neil.smee@gmail.com

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Hi does anyone know where we can buy a 'very large cacti'? We are based in Carvoeiro but have a car so can get about. Cheers Helen

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Hi, I am new to this site & new to Portugal. I am in need of a small repair on my tiled roof. My house is in Tunes. Does anyone know a trustworthy builder? 

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Hi   Could anyone advise of any company or person who can install central heating. thank you

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I have a 30 year old house that up till now I have not used in the winter. I now want to use it more in the winter and want to add some heating. I am currently looking at electric pannels from LeRoy Merlin. Can anyone just a better way?

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Any ideas where I can buy a real Christmas Tree around Portimao/Lagos area. I live in Monchique.

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We're using Filmon for our TV. Any quick and less frustrating method of selecting a programme? We select the TV guide and use TV remote to move over the channels.  However, to srcoll up and down seems very hit and miss and difficult to select particular programme..... bit long winded I know!  Any suggestions ...Wireless mouse...?

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Hi, can anyone recommend someone who can do an energy certification for our house near Tavira in the eastern Algarve. I believe you now need that to sell a house. What sort of price can we expect to be charged to have this done? Thanks!

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Hi. Anyone know where we should take garden waste - grass cuttings etc. for disposal near Lagos? Thanks    

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Hi, can anyone recommend a plumber/builder in the Lagos area.   Thank you

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Hi. I'm thinking of moving to Portugal from Brittany and wonder whether my modern programmable paraffin heaters will be useful. I am buying 20 litre drums of paraffin in France for around 16 - 17 euros, how much is paraffin in Portugal please?

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Hi, we're looking for any information about what type of generator could be used to power a 240v electric kiln? Also name of stockists on Algarve or an electrician that could help? We're in Salir region. many thanks

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