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Hello All,  Is anyone having positive ore negative experience with the energy saver pro? (Also known as the pw-001 from eng. Manuel Silveira) Thanks for advicing,  Hans   

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I have recently received a letter from Gascan to inform me that my 5 yearly gas inspection is due in my holiday apartment. I am not due back in the Algarve until January 2016. Do I wait until then to arrange the inspection or have it carried out before then. Incidently I am currently having my kitchen refurbished. Would this affect the inspection and should I wait unitl the kitchen works are complete.  Many thanks in advance.

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I should like to make a personal recommendation for "barlaventoexpert" as an excellent person to contact for IT and other technical assistance.  He answered my plea for somebody to assist my mother with her IT problems and he has gone "above and beyond", sorting the current problem.  We shall have no hesitation in contacting him again.  He has also dealt with MEO, too. If you need expert, reliable and consistent attention for your IT, etc problems, please send up a flare on the forum and I am sure you won't be disappointed!

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Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have lived permanently for 5 years - due to imminent move back to the UK. We have loved life here, but feel the climate is too similar to the UK for it to actually feel like a holiday home once we have moved back, and we are putting out some feelers to see if there is anyone selling their house who may be interested in a permanent property swap/exchange. Our house is being marketed for 167,000 euros.

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Can you recommend anyone who can repair our lawn mower in the lagoa area.

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Does anybody know of a company that will clean jute mats (I think they are jute and can supply a photo) in the Alvor area. T

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Can anyone tell me where I might be able to purchase a cast iron fire back to place at rear of fireplace?

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Hi there   Is anyone interested in quoting for collection of a 2m x 1.6m mattress from Setúbal for delivery to the East Algarve?   Thanks  

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Hi all, we have Tooway internet in our holiday villa paid to Europsat in UK and was wondering if anybody knew of any companies that could take the package over so we could pay from our Portugease account, and at the same time ideally look at alternative package. Also suggestion on UK TV Channel providor as ours dissapeared a long time back   Cheers

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Hi, Does anybody know of a store that has a large range of interior door handles? I have a broken one, but it is of a very specific type and it would need to be matched exactly.. Alvor/Portimao area. T

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Recently, at home, we have observed a sharp bite from unknown, invisible pest. It also migrated to the bedroom where the sleep is often disturbed by the same offending pest´s sharp bite. If anyone experienced similar nuisance, sharing the experience and ways to exterminate the pest will be much appreciated. Thanks, Simon,  

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Hello, we are looking to do some construction-work with our pool. We have contacted Swim-Arte who seem very professional. Has anyone had any experience with this company? Or can you recommend any other pool-construction (not maintenance) company in the Tavira-region? Feed-back highly appreciated!

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Hello can anybody tell me where I can purchase grass turfs in the Algarve. I have heard of them being laid but nobody seems to know where from?  Many thanks.

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We're moving down to the Algarve at the end of October and would like to know if anyone has transported their art works to the Algarve, and, if so, which firm might be recommended? Many thanks

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any help and advice very greatly appreciated the first of many posts I'm sure! having recently chosen the algarve lifestyle I am currently undertaking some landscaping and minor refurbishments to my property in Santa Margarida, Alte. Now a little remote and away from the bigger towns I'm struggling from the uk to find builders merchants who will be able to deliver.  Initially im looking to have a few tons of sand and cement bags delivered, I've tried the bigger stores such as le roymerlin though it appears these items aren't available to purchase online and arrange delivery. can anyone help or advise for the most cost effective and possible way I can arrange this and which merchants best to use. reagrds matt 

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Now, here's the thing, I've been seeing more and more adverts for wood houses from companies making claims like 'no planning permission required', ' no license required', 'ideal for restricted areas' etc. But is this true ? I have also heard stories of people being taken to court and fined for 'illegal' wood houses, so, does anybody out there know the actual law regarding wood houses in Portugal ? Are there restrictions on the size and siting of these type of dwellings, or can you simply put what you like where you like, providing you own the land ?  

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  ,Some of our plants are growing enormously and oru septic tank is full with water every 15 days. We know for sure that a pipe from our irrigation system is broken, so we must put the pomp  from our borehole off. Does somebody know a company who can find out which pipe is broken and who can fix this? We live around Fuseta. 289 798 324

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Hi in urgent need of a wasp nest to be removed. Wasps are nesting in an outdoor light on balcony, so cant open the shutters!!  Anyone know of anyone local to meia praia, Lagos area, thanks

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Hi there. We are installing an ikea kitchen and are looking for a supplier and installer of preferably a silestone or granite work top. We have just bought an apartment in Vila real de santo Antonio and apart from ikea itself have had little success in locating local tradesmen/ suppliers who can help ( local knowledge of where to look helps). Anyone out there have any experience of silestone vs granite and/ can advise on where to buy????

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Hi All Can anybody recommend a good/reputable gas engineer for boiler maintenance and repair in the Lagos area?  This is for my mother - her Portuguese is good, but an English-speaking engineer would be a great help when it comes to the technical stuff. In hope and thanks! Sally

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