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VenuePro has 14 modules and it collaborates with both specialists and owners from the industry. The program is constantly being updated. Venue Management Software

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Bad news for all us folks who travel regulary and use Nationwide Flex acccounts.From 1 November 2010, the Nationwide Building Society Society will be making a changes to its current account including the introduction of a charge for transactions in currencies other than sterling. there will be a new commission charge of 2% and £1 cas...h withdrawal fee every time you take money out in a currency other than sterling.

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Remember to check your £20 notes as Edward Elgar face is out of circulation as of today, replaced with Adam Smith.

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I am thinking of taking a trip to Spain tomorrow with my 7 yr old, we normally go to Ayamonte but can anyone suggest anywhere nice just over the border??? Thanks

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Have other travellers experienced what seems to be a change in policy by the Portugese immigration department.I have just returned from the Algarve, this being my sixth visit to Portugal and am very disgruntled by our treatment on entering the country. Each individual in my family including my seven year old grandson were subjected to a cross examination by the official checking our passports that went well beyond establishing identity. It was quite obvious that we were holiday makers and it also seemed obvious that we were not welcome visitors. I felt that I should remind the official that I had flown on an Easy-jet flight from Gatwick ( which was obvious because of the other travellers) and that I am an EU Citizen and again obvious because of my passport. I have never received a similar interrogation visiting other EU countries or those outside the EU such as Turkey, Morocco or even the USA. I am due to visit friends in Tavira later this year and if I receive similar treatment it will be my last visit to Portugal.I will be interrested to hear.Fred Pryor

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Does anyone know of any hotels in the vicinity of Lisbon Airport where you can park for a week or two if you spend the night in the hotel before travelling? Either for a small charge or better still, free!

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Hi everyone, i have a website hosted but my hoster is not replying to my emails....... need someone to host mine and enable me to change my website as needed any ideas?

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I have just been to praia de rocha on holiday and I looked on the internet to book a boat trip, the one I fancied was on a new catamaran, it was very expensive, so didn't bother, when I got there I found same trip 20 euros cheaper from a guy on the strip at rocha, what a day out, brilliant, we saw the caves, had BBQ at the beach, swam off the back of the boat, the guide had great fun with the kids at the beach, the price also included pick up and drop off from hotel if anyone interested I have phone number to book or he stands outside the irelands eye in the evenings

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Hello, We are looking to re-locate to the Algarve. We currently live in North West France near the Mayenne.Our house is a former railway hotel, the railway becoming defunct in the 1980's. It is, at the moment, a five bedroomed house with large, open and airy lounge room with large fireplace, a fully fitted kitchen with fireplace. A bathroom and toilet downstairs and shower room and seperate toilet on the first floor. There is also a large attic with two velux windows and cellar, a barn and a well. There is a garden each side of the house,a stream at tthe back, a greenhouse, shed and mature trees, flowers and patio area. Parking area off road. If any one is looking to re-locate in our area and would, perhaps, be interested in a property swap I would be happy to hear from you.  More information about the property, taxes, location and, of course photographs, are available to any interested parties.  Warm Regards, Sandra.

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