Immigration Officials at Faro Airport

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Fred Pryor



Have other travellers experienced what seems to be a change in policy by the Portugese immigration department.I have just returned from the Algarve, this being my sixth visit to Portugal and am very disgruntled by our treatment on entering the country. Each individual in my family including my seven year old grandson were subjected to a cross examination by the official checking our passports that went well beyond establishing identity. It was quite obvious that we were holiday makers and it also seemed obvious that we were not welcome visitors. I felt that I should remind the official that I had flown on an Easy-jet flight from Gatwick ( which was obvious because of the other travellers) and that I am an EU Citizen and again obvious because of my passport. I have never received a similar interrogation visiting other EU countries or those outside the EU such as Turkey, Morocco or even the USA. I am due to visit friends in Tavira later this year and if I receive similar treatment it will be my last visit to Portugal.I will be interrested to hear.Fred Pryor


sapper-751122 1340712555

Fair enough Fred obviously distressing but on the other hand.......there may have been some sort of security flap...behind the scences, I honestly think Fred you have sometimes particualrly nowadays look at the broader picture. As you know there are a lot of evil terrorists about intent in committing murder and mayhem, who sometimes *****use women and children as 'cover'.****... therefore Airport overall Security in most Countries is Paramount. I think in this context you cannot blame 'Portugual'. I once was stopped in England during the day by the Police carrying a Suitcase (with my own belongings in) problem, I **thanked the Police for doing their Job. (I could have burgled a local house). ...... Airport security in the USA now is top notch..............most Airports HAVE to do a set amount of random checks a day, if this makes sense. I rather be Safe with imperfect Security than No Security...... Cheers Sapper.

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