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Bad news for all us folks who travel regulary and use Nationwide Flex acccounts.From 1 November 2010, the Nationwide Building Society Society will be making a changes to its current account including the introduction of a charge for transactions in currencies other than sterling. there will be a new commission charge of 2% and £1 cas...h withdrawal fee every time you take money out in a currency other than sterling.


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Thanks for the information. I have emailed Nationwide to complain and inform them I will close account but of course nothing will change. I like thousands of others switched my account to Nationwide because of the advertising of the fact there were no overseas charges. Does anyone know of any other banks with no charges on transactions?

This is a bad news as I live in Portugal but my income goes direct into my Nationwide bank

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Starting at 1 December 2020 all our charge cards offer overall sans commission buys. If it's not too much trouble, note revenue charges may apply for unfamiliar money buys and cash withdrawals. Every one of our cards convey a charge when you pull out cash, regardless of whether that is in pounds real or an unfamiliar money.

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