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Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help. I need to find the cheapest way to transport a medium sized dog from Carvoeiro to the UK. I have used Euro Pet transpost in the past and it cost about £750 to transport a dog and a cat. I'm not sure the owner of the dog could afford this........Any ideas? Many Thanks

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Can someone help!I have a two year of cat, she’s was born with no tail and we had to bottle feed her for weeks when she was born. She never went out of the garden and never went anywhere.. she is pregnant and she was due a few days ago. She has been missing for 4 days now. Is this Normal when pregnant? She hasn’t came back for food or anything.. how will she survive? Will she come back! I’ve looked for her but can’t seem to find her.. someone please if you could give me any information on this!thank you!

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Hi,  Does anyone know of or recommend any reputable air transport carriers able to fly our cat from Faro airport to either Gatwick or Southampton Airport? Thanks.

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Does anyone know where I can buy electric fencing to keep our dog in the property. We have a really large property 4000sq meters. We have a jack Russell who permanently digs until he makes a whole to escape. He has been neutered about 1 month ago. We also have a dog Bordeax puppy who has now started following the Jack Russell. Bought the puppy to keep the Jack Russell at home. They both get loads of exercise with the family. Someone suggested Dog Fence but it is really only available in the UK.

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Here we go again, the same old problem in Portugal - BAD OWNERS not bad dogs but how do I report dogs on an urbanisation in Eastern Algarve that bark and howl constantly and are chained up and live in gardens covered in dog faeces?!!! HELP?

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Good day all, I am seeking advice as importing our pet moggy in June.  Seeking a reputable link to gain pet insurance cover as resident in Pera Algarve and also reputable vet recommendations around Pera - Armacao, any advice most welcome please.

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Hi again... not use to this new layout :-/Has anyone got some fertile chicken eggs that we can buy, our hen has gone broody and we would like to let her have some chicks.We are in Paderne area. Many thanks. Les

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Can anybody offer these two cats a home? Their owner died last October & I have been looking after them ever since. I also have sterilized them. However, now it looks like I need to move home in the next couple of months and really need to find them a permanent home. The male is super friendly & lively and would be best suited to an indoor/outdoor home. His sister is gentle but not tame and would like an outdoor home (I can provide kennel for her) - she just needs someone to feed her. I really don't want to separate them as she relies on his company - they play together, sleep together and eat together. They are near Loule but can be brought anywhere! 

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Would anyone know where I can find/buy gambusia fishes in the Algarve? They are famous for swallowing huge quantities of mosquito larvae in your garden pond. As they multiply impressively, perhaps someone would like to downsize the population in their pond.

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I am a professional  englsh person currently living in Brittany France, but would like a change of scenery during the summer.Does anyone need any help? I have both BHS and french qualifications and competed at advanced level [dressage] in the UK whilst  breaking and schooling,   carriage driving, , and taking in a lot of problem horses. Am currently training an ex racehorse which is working at advanced level.Lots of ideas for interesting and different courses and very happy to send various programs for events held here.Please get in touch for  more info.Jean Ashcroft.  Tel 00 33 2 96 45 91 54

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Please can you help me .im looking for someone to take my little dog back to the uk , im a single mum and cant afford what prices i have been quoted buy private companies. I can afford 100 euro thats all, he is poodle croos .4.8 kilo and is ready to go fuly vaccinated and chipped , please if you are driving back to uk soon , please call me if you can take him  my tel number is 939107582   please please xx

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Hi, I amliving in the Coimbra area, near Lousa . I am looking to buy 2 female kid pygmy goats. Can anyone tell where I would be able to get these from please  

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are their any vets in the vicinity near benagil

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Does anyone know where in the Algarve I can obtain a food called Lori made by Orlux? My nearest towns are Portimao and Lagos. 

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Hi, Looking for late booking for our two lurchers for a week.  Has anyone taken their pets to Shelford Kennels and could they recommend it? Many thanks

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We've been let down..... Dog carer required to look after Scooby for 3 days and nights Paderne area, from November 26 until November 29. Does anyone know of a caring person to look after our well behaved house trained doggy? we dont really want to put him in kennels :-/ Thanks. Les  

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Hi last night/yesterday something has come and killed our cockerell, leaving our one hen on her own. Does anyone know where we can buy 2 'point of lay' chickens or around 6 month old's to keep her company.... We dont really want young chicks. Thanks

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Hello, does anyone have any experience of shipping their dog to Faro from the UK? We are interested in this option as an alternative to driving our dog for an annual three week holiday in the Algarve. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated! Kathleen

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hello, does anyone know any livery yards near loule ,  what's the going rate for here? kind regards

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URGENT : LOST CAT at Monte de Barrabes, São Bras de Alportel ! She dissapeared ~ Aug.20th from the garden of the lady who was catsitting her. Our cat has a microchip and is wearing a red collar with our telephone number info. She is more of an indoor cat, isn't used to cat/dog company and so we're very worried about her. We've had her since she was a tiny kitten. Please contact us if you have seen her or have found her. Many thanks!!! We hope she is ok and will be home again very soon. encontra-me.org/anuncio/51432 OUR TELEPHONE : 920 491 507 PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! Thank you for any advice! We've been looking, asking, putting out leaflets... & hoping. MUITO OBRIGADA!

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