Dogs neglected and left to bark day and night!

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Here we go again, the same old problem in Portugal - BAD OWNERS not bad dogs but how do I report dogs on an urbanisation in Eastern Algarve that bark and howl constantly and are chained up and live in gardens covered in dog faeces?!!! HELP?


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Hi Steve

it is always a problem. Quite a good summary was placed on an Angloinfo blog Cascais Live which might help you get started. Even though it is far from where you are it applies across Portugal. :

Pehaps have a look here too:

If your town council is Loulé or Tavira (Eastern Algarve?) I had a quick look at the council policy which matches that of Cascais.

In the first instance you report it to the police - GNR Faro is at Largo de São Sebastião 18, 8000-155 Faro Phone: 289 887 603

A point to bear in mind is that whenever a complaint is made the GNR is obliged to follow it up. It is not always possible to resolve the situation and, to some extent, the GNR will say the same - but persistent complaint about noise will mean the owners are equally often contacted by the GNR.  

Good Luck - neighbourhood noise is always difficult and sensitive.

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Amazon sell a plug in anti dog bark devise,,,  if you can plug it in near the animals it will curb their barking  ideal for noisy dogs next door  

stops having  to confront  the neighbours as they wont know if it is there, 

worth a try as none gives a monkeys in portugal regarding noisy dogs

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